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Camelback café

Open style Micro-Market with self-checkout kiosks enhance your Phoenix area break rooms.

Corporate pantry

Full support of company-funded offerings in the break room from healthy food to packaged snacks.

At-work coffee

Gourmet coffee brewed in commercial-grade coffee machines by the pot or by the cup with specialty drink options.

Vending service

Enhanced Vending Machine that elevates the vending experience in your Phoenix area business.

Update company culture with Pantry Service

Few things boost corporate morale like free refreshments in the break room. Our Pantry Service lets you do this easily with a large variety of products, comprehensive pantry restocking, and delivery of a single, easy-to-read invoice that includes what’s been consumed. It’s a stress-free way to increase loyalty and lower turnover in Phoenix area.

Vending machines in Phoenix area Area and The Valley

TOP 10
Micro-Market operator
in the U.S.

Vending Market Watch recognized our commitment to excellence in the break room and exceptional customer service as they named us one of the Top 10 Micro-Market Operators in the U.S.

Modern equipment

Vending Machines updated with the latest modern technology and product delivery systems.


Our Vending Machines and Micro-Markets accept many forms of payment, including mobile payments and

Better reporting

Real-time sales and inventory information via machines that are connected to the internet.


Energy saving vending machines and more efficient delivery which reduces Phoenix area pollution.

AuthorizedService Providers

Coolbreakrooms is a nationwide service that provides education and inspiration for creating and designing a modern breakroom.

We are proud to be part of Coolbreakroom’s exclusive network of refreshment service providers.

Straight from our customers

“It has been great to have Camelback vending services at Parker Fasteners considering we are not close to anything out here in Buckeye. With always being stocked up on snacks, drinks & food you never have to leave for your lunch! They have an amazing variety and always care to know suggestions on what they should bring. Every week there is always something new!”
—Ashley Salas

“How did we live without this? This Micro-Market is incredible. The team at Camelback Vending has been so amazing to work with. Janet came out to our office to help us plan out everything and even brought us some samples to try! Jeff and Andrew are the BEST. They are all so easy to get in touch with and always ready to help. Purchasing from the market is SO simple and the pricing is super competitive. We have had our market just about a week and everyone is still RAVING about it. Currently writing this while snacking on pickle chips and a Hillshire Lunchable. Can not recommend Camelback Vending enough, get it… Your office will thank you.”
—Brielle Lyznick

“They rock!!! From friendly services to delicious meals/snacks, camelback has it all!! The staff came in to install the machines, stock the snacks, and teach our team members how to use the system. This was all completed within 2 hours, super quick, and easy! Our whole office is loving the micro-market, we are already running out of some items and it has only been 2days!!”
—Karla Bustos

“Today our vending machines were installed. The entire team from owner, operations, and install are fantastic! They made sure to answer all my questions and assist a few employees who came by the break room to check things out on setting up their accounts on their phones. I’m extremely satisfied and happy that we chose to do business with Camelback Vending Services.”
—Gerald Harvey

“We recently started using Camelback Vending Services at our company and love it! The setup was super simple, the options are great, and the team is willing to work with us to get what we want and will actually use in the machines. Prices are about the same as a convenience store. Definitely recommend!”
—Onie Burks

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