2022 in Review: Our Best New Phoenix Break Room Solutions

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2022 in Review: Our Best New Phoenix Break Room Solutions

At Camelback Vending Services, we constantly strive to offer the best break room solutions to our Phoenix customers. To achieve this goal, we regularly research and add new services to our offerings. This year, we added three outstanding new break room solutions.

Top New Break Room Solutions

These new services are excellent additions to your break room. With a fabulous break room, you can build a positive workplace culture. Taking a break with a cup of coffee or glass of flavored water is a major employee perk. Plus, socializing and relaxing in the break room can foster creativity. Here are a few new break room solutions to consider adding:

Liquid Coffee

If you’re still looking for the perfect Phoenix office coffee service, liquid coffee may be it. Essentially, liquid coffee is coffee extract. Using a liquid coffee brewer, you can provide high quality coffee to your whole team.

Do your staff love cappuccinos? Or perhaps they’d like to sip on an iced coffee? Specialty coffees are easy to make in liquid coffee brewer machines. Would you like to try it out? We’d be happy to help you select the best brewer for your office’s needs.

Liquid coffee is a great addition to your office pantry service. Simply add a machine, and you can offer your hardworking employees tasty drinks. They’ll love grabbing a latte before a morning meeting. Another employee may enjoy a black coffee with a snack to power through the afternoon. In any case, your new liquid coffee machine will make everyone happy with their personal favorite drink.

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Bevi Water Filtration

Could your team use some encouragement to stay hydrated? Drinking enough water can improve your staff’s brain function and energy levels! So, adding a Bevi Water Filtration system may help you achieve your corporate wellness goals.

The Bevi water dispenser can bring many benefits to your office. It features many options to personalize water. If you love carbonated water, it can make you a nice, cool glass. Want some flavor? The Bevi also offers natural flavors. Try coconut or lime! You can even personalize a glass with an immunity boost to stay healthy. Sweetener is also an option. Any way you look at it, the Bevi water system is a fantastic addition to your Phoenix break room.

Follett Symphony

If your team loves ice, the Follet Symphony is the right Phoenix water filtration system for your office.  One of the most popular features of the Follet Symphony is its chewblet ice. Small, chewable ice improves any drink!

The Follet Symphony comes in different sizes. Choose a countertop, wall mount, or freestanding dispenser that will fit well in your break room. Eliminate water bottles with this great water system. This not only lowers costs, but it’s also good for the environment. Win, win!

With fresh pure water and ice, your staff are more likely to stay hydrated. Good hydration brings many health benefits. Drinking enough water can regulate blood pressure and also aid the digestive system. Plus, staying hydrated can improve your mood.

Break Room Solutions that Benefit Your Office

When you build a great break room, you build great company culture. With a space to recharge and stay hydrated, your team will be more productive than ever. Our number one priority in the new year is to continue to offer the best break room solutions in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to upgrade your break room? At Camelback Vending Services, we’re here to work with you to create a custom break room. Get in touch today!