3 New Vending Practices That Are Blazing New Frontiers

lady looking at her vending options

3 New Vending Practices That Are Blazing New Frontiers

Vending Has Changed a Lot

With the introduction of several new technologies, companies all  over the world have changed how they look at their vending machines. The Cantaloupe system has allowed for us to see our sales analytics in real time, micro market vending has allowed us to have a wider range of fresh foods, and healthy vending machines have changed the way that we look at our quick snacks. Through these new innovations, businesses have increased their sales while also improving the health of their customers, creating a situation where everyone is happy. Here are the three new innovations in the vending machine industry, and how they are helping to change the way that people are snacking all over the world.

1. The Cantaloupe System

One of the things that has been missing from the vending machine industry in past years is the ability to see the analytics of the vending machine in real time. With the Cantaloupe system, you can wirelessly monitor the progress and see how your machine is doing in real time, allowing for you to better position your business and strategize new ways of making sales through your vending machine. This is one of the easiest ways that you can analyze your business and come up with meaningful, creative solutions to improve your vending machine, either by offering different product,s, or seeing how prices affect which products that the customer ends up buying.

2. Micro Market Vending

Instead of a single vending machine, many offices are offering complete mini markets, full of meals that not only are convenient for their employees and clients, but also promote health and wellness in them. This micro market concept acts as more of a full service store rather than just a vending machine. Checkout is convenient as you can simply use your credit card. With micro market vending, it’s easy to provide a large amount of people with a vending solution, without confining it to one single space.

3. Healthy Vending

Probably the most important innovation in vending over the past five years is the shift towards vending items that actually promote health and wellness. In the past, you couldn’t get a snack from a vending machine that you could feel good about eating, as they were largely things like chips and candy bars. By creating vending machines that can house healthy treats, the vending machine industry has caught up to an age where we have to watch what we eat more and more.

How Vending Has Changed

Over the past five years or so, people have really started to realize that they don’t just want to have a healthy meal every once in awhile. What they really want is to incorporate healthy living into every single aspect of their lives. Because of this, things like healthy vending machines and micro market vending started showing up. The Cantaloupe system has really helped the vending machine industry to start giving people what they really want. These are the ways that vending machine has changed over the past several years.