3 Top Vending Machine Repairs You Should Know

Man Choosing a Snack from the Vending Machines

3 Top Vending Machine Repairs You Should Know

Have an Issue? Top Vending Machine Repairs You Should Know

Purchasing a vending machine is a very exciting and rewarding experience. This investment will be able to provide your business, school, or other institution with affordable snacks and beverages. Although vending machines are very convenient, when issues arise, it can cause stress in your life.

It is common for vending machines to have issues, but it is uncommon that buyers will toss them out the second a problem arises. These minor complications can be easily repaired and ensure that you are still reaping the benefits from your vending machine.

Below, we have outlined some of the most common vending machine repairs that you should know when you purchase a vending machine. This will help you know and understand when and how to repair your new investment.

1. Restocking Your Vending Machine

Although this necessarily isn’t a problem, it is something that you will come across regularly. If you have a traditional snack vending machine or beverage vending machine, there comes a time when you run out of products.

Maintaining the inventory inside your vending machine is typically left up to the vending machine company—but they will need to be notified.

If you have placed your machine on a busy school campus, large office space, or other high-traffic area, your inventory may need to be restocked weekly. On the other hand, if you have placed your vending machine in a low-traffic area, it may only need restocking monthly.

Be sure that you stay on top of your local provider or vending machine company to ensure that your machine never sits empty. With a single email or phone call, you can have someone come out and restock your machine without any extra hassles for you.

2. When Items are Stuck or Caught on Something Else

This is often one of the most common complications with vending machines. In some cases, snacks that have been selected can get stuck on their way down or get stuck in their chamber when being released. This can be frustrating for those that frequently visit the vending machine.

Although this can be a nuisance, it is easily fixed. Rather than giving your machine a few taps, you can fix this problem on your own. Having access to the proper equipment from your vending machine company can assure that this problem can be fixed immediately.

If you do not have the time, energy, or will to complete this on your own, be sure to contact your local vending machine company. They will be able to come out promptly and ensure that the current issue is remedied and that it will not happen moving forward.

3. Faulty Cash Port

With old, cash only machines, there can be issues accepting bills or delivering change. This can not only be frustrating for those that frequently use the machine, but also hinder your additional income.

Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed on your own accord. Your vending machine company will be able to assess the problem and make any repairs necessary.

If you are still operating with a cash only system, your vending machine company might suggest implementing a cashless vending system. This will ensure that a wider variety of people will be able to reap the benefits of the machines on your property.