4 Benefits Of Healthy Vending In School


4 Benefits Of Healthy Vending In School

Benefiting Students And Teachers With Healthy Vending Options

Snacking at school is a must for many students. They have to get through the day and they need brain food to help them do that. Energy levels can fall during certain parts of the day and many students not only have to make it through their classes but also their extracurricular activities after school. Students benefit from having access to snacks throughout the day and those benefits increase even further when they have healthy vending options available. Here are just a few of the advantages students have when they have healthy snack choices at their service.

Benefit 1: Fueling Focus

Food is a fuel for the body and it’s important for growing students to have a full tank so they can get through their educational career on a daily basis. Healthy snacks between meals can help students remain focused and engaged in the classroom setting. They get the energy they need to give them a boost to get through the rest of the day. Nutritious snacks don’t allow for a sugar rush that leads to a crash later in the day.

Benefit 2: Healthy Habits Start Early

While kids are often inclined to go for candy bars over fruit, healthy habits are something they learn early in their snacking career. When they have access to healthy vending machines with fruit choices and other options, they will realize they don’t feel deprived of snacks and they are still getting the fuel they need. The smaller snack-sized portions can also help to teach them about portion control as they move through their school career.

Benefit 3: Filling In Nutrition

Most people have gaps in their nutrition, including students. There aren’t many students that keep careful track of their food intake so they can gauge how much more Vitamin C they need and how many more protein grams they should have. Snacking can help fill in the gaps that regular meals may not fill. There are often going to be gaps in those three meals a day and when the gaps are left empty, there’s a nutritional value left behind. Healthy vending machines can get in rich vitamins and minerals when students need them the most.

Benefit 4: It’s Available

Hungry kids will eat just about anything you set in front of them. If you want them to eat something healthy, make that the most obvious option. Healthy vending machines make those healthy snacks accessible for students when they need a snack the most.

Get Healthy Vending Options from Camelback

Now that you know the many benefits of healthy vending machines within the school, it’s time to take action. Contact the experts at Camelback Vending for details on the healthy vending options that might be a good fit for your school. With a variety of choices and a wide array of product options, schools can have just what their students crave, but in a healthy way. Great tasting snacks don’t have to come with a lot of calories and sugars!