4 Reasons Every Business Needs Office Coffee


4 Reasons Every Business Needs Office Coffee

october-blogProductivity is crucial to success. Taking frequent trips to the local coffee shop in between meetings interferes with productivity. Office coffee is the solution to this problem. Every business needs office coffee readily accessible to employees and customers. With modern office coffee solutions, you can choose from a single-cup coffee maker or the more traditional brewing system.

Here’s why your business would thrive with an office coffee solution:

  1. Increased employee satisfaction: Where there is coffee, there is happiness. We can all agree. With office coffee, employees can enjoy their breaks without having to rush to the local coffee shop down the street.
  2. Coffee increases productivity: The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant and it increases brain activity, improves mood, memory and reaction time. Enough said.
  3. Convenience: With office coffee, everything you need is delivered promptly. High quality, gourmet coffee brands are brought straight to your office. Don’t worry, there are options for the picky ones too.
  4. Save on servicing/repairs: Your office coffee provider will handle all service needs in a timely manner. You will not be responsible for cleaning, replacing, servicing or repairing your brewing system, but don’t forget tostay on top of countertop stains!

In addition to increasing productivity levels, coffee is good for your health. According to the National Cancer Institute, regular or decaf coffee consumption correlates with lower levels of anomalous liver enzymes. This new research proposes that higher coffee consumption may help preserve the liver. From improved morale to reduced stress, office coffee will offer your business and employees numerous benefits.

Wake up, and smell the coffee!