4 Tips for Vending Machine Placement

So you’ve decided to implement a vending machine in your workplace, but now you must decide where to put it. Learn the best spots for your office here!

4 Tips for Vending Machine Placement

4 Tips for the Best Vending Machine Placement

So you’ve decided to implement a vending machine in your workplace. This is a great decision. Not only can it bring you an extra profit, but also provide your employees with nourishment throughout the day.

In most cases, the vending machine company should assist you in the implementation of your vending machine in your office. In the event that you have to tackle this on your own, here are a few tips to ensure that you place your vending machine in the best possible place.

1. Note the High-Traffic Areas in Your Office

When you are deciding where to place your vending machine, be sure to consider which areas have the highest traffic. While you want to make it convenient for your employees to get to the vending machine, you also want to be sure that you’re not causing a disruption of flow in your building.

For areas, such as hallways or small rooms, be sure that the placement will not cause a build up during high traffic times. Morning, lunch, and exciting times are the busiest. Keep an eye out for the busiest times and be sure that the placement of your new vending machine won’t disrupt the flow.

Typically, employees are found in common rooms or sitting areas. Try placing your vending machine in one of these rooms for the optimal sales and convenience for your hard working employees.

2. Take Permits into Account

What many business owners and building management professionals tend to overlook is where you are legally able to place your new vending machine. Even though a vending machine is technically your property, placing this on other property for profits can lead to trouble in the building.

Be sure to check with the building owner or manager to ensure that your desired vending machine placement is legal. If it is not, be sure that you obtain the proper permits and update them as needed to ensure that your vending machine won’t cause you any additional stress.

3. Don’t Forget About What’s Inside Your Vending Machine

Don’t forget about what are inside your vending machine! If you have fresh fruits and healthy vending options, be sure that your vending machine is not placed in the sun. Although these vending machines are refrigerated and controlled with a high set of standards, direct sunlight can tarnish the integrity of your produce.

On the other hand, don’t forget to consider the demographic of your buyers. Are they students? Working professionals? No matter what type of buyers you’re catering to, be sure that your snacks are appropriate for their taste.

4. Consider the Shape & Size of Your Vending Machine

Before you set your heart on a certain placement of your vending machine, be sure to get its exact measurements. Measure out your desired space before you place your machine. Not only will this save you an added headache, but also ensure that your machine can be placed in an area where it can work its best.

Tight and cramped quarters can lead to issues in your vending machine down the line. Consult with your local vending machine company for any questions or concerns about the placement and measurements of your new vending machine.