5 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Students

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5 Healthy Snacks Ideas for Students

Making sure that your students have access to healthy snacks is a great way to keep them on top of their game. They need the necessary nutrition to keep them focused on their schoolwork and what is going on in the classroom. When students are hungry in class, they won’t do as well and will feel tired and sluggish instead of their bright, cheery selves. With the Smart Snacks in Schools initiative, schools need to make sure that they are offering healthy snacks at school, even in the vending machines. We make it easier for schools to offer snacks that meet these regulations. We have noticed that some of these snacks tend to be bigger sellers than others. Take a look at our list of the 5 healthiest & most popular snacks.

Baked Goods & Bars

Kids love a delicious treat. There are many kinds of healthy baked goods and bars that we pack into school machines. Cereal bars, fresh cookies, toaster pastries, and more are all made with whole grains and reduced sugars. With this snack, kids will stay fuller for longer. Make sure that your vending machine is filled with a lower sodium option that meets the USDA’s regulations.

Baked or “Popped” Chips

This option still offers the crunch of a traditional chip with fewer calories and less fat. Baked chips also have more fiber and nutrients in comparison with their fried counterparts. There is a variety of flavors such as onion and sour cream, cheddar cheese, spicy, hot, or barbecue when it comes to this tasty option.

Granola Bars

Whether your students crave crunchy options or something a little chewier, there are quite a bit of healthy choices when it comes to granola bars. They are filled with complex carbohydrates and protein that will keep your students fuller for longer.

Light Popcorn

This light, crunchy option is always a kid favorite. Everyone loves popcorn. It is not as processed as some of the other options, and it is always a treat for anyone. It is a whole grain that is filled with fiber and other great antioxidants. When you put popcorn in your vending machines, it often is bought faster than any other snack.

Fruit & Vegetables

Now, with chilled vending machines, you can put fresh apple slices, baby carrots, and celery in your vending machines. Fruit cups with sliced fruit in 100% juice is also a very popular option that kids love. It still offers all of the vitamins and health benefits of fresh fruit.

You can also offer a number of popular healthy beverages that students will love as well. We want to make sure that your students are always happy, healthy, and ready for class. One way of doing this is to make sure that they have easy access to healthy snacks that keep them satisfied during class. Placing vending machines in high traffic areas on campus helps your students get the nutrients they need to really succeed in class.