5 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have A Micro-Market

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5 Reasons Why Your Office Should Have A Micro-Market

Are your employees bored of the same snack options? Do they take longer breaks to get what they need? The solution to these common problems is a micro-market!

What Is A Micro-Market?

A micro-market is a tightly condensed convenience store that brings fresh food and beverage options into your office space. Micro-markets can carry hundreds of selections that give your employees the option to look and feel each before making a decision. This type of vending service was developed to give office workers a larger variety of options when searching for their next meal. Options are healthier than you would find in a standard vending machine to give your employees better fuel throughout their day.

How can a micro-market benefit your business? Here are the top five benefits of incorporating a micro-market into your office space.

Quick & Convenient

Do you operate a call center? If your job requires constant attention to the phone, a micro-market can save your employees and your business money. Rather than having your employees leave the office, building or vicinity to acquire their favorite snack, they will be able to grab and go! This type of vending service is filled with a wide variety of snacks and even meals. Your employees will never have to leave the office again for a forgotten lunch or snack.

More Food and Beverage Options

Because of the open market style, your employees will have more options to choose from. Grab-and-go micro-markets and beverage coolers allow for more options available because of their capacity. Micro-market style vending also allows for healthier options, including:

  • Wraps
  • Sandwiches
  • Protein bars
  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Fresh fruits, and more


Energy Saving

Is your company trying to reduce its impact on the earth? A micro-market typically uses 70% less energy annually than traditional vending machines. This type of vending is a great initiative to save money and promote eco-friendly awareness.

No Service Needed

We all have experienced a broken vending machine in our lives. Dollar bills jam, items gets stuck, or they don’t even budge; we have all been in one of these situations before. With micro-markets, these annoying issues will be a problem of the past. The open shelves, coolers and storage allows for you to simply reach in and grab your desired product. You can now remove your local repairman’s phone number from your speed dial with comfort in knowing that you will never have to pry a jammed soda out again.

Ease of Payment

Unlike traditional vending machines that require coins or perfectly crisp dollar bills, micro-markets allow for easy purchasing. Most micro-markets come with an easy to use kiosk that can accept a variety of payment methods. From coin to cash to card, this vending service makes treating yourself to an afternoon snack easier than ever before.

No matter the size of your business, it is important that your staff is fueled with the proper foods. Your staff will not only be healthier, but happier with themselves. By introducing a fresh alternative to traditional vending will keep your staff alert, happy, and more motivated to fulfill their needs in the workplace.