5 Tips to Prevent the Need For Vending Machine Repair

Keep Patrons Happy with Vending Machine Repair in Maricopa

5 Tips to Prevent the Need For Vending Machine Repair

Getting Your Vending Machine Repaired Can Be a Rough Experience


If you need your vending machine repaired, it’s likely that it’s the result of vandalism or theft. It can leave you wondering about what you could have done to prevent it. The loss of revenue and the cost of getting the machine repaired can be a huge hassle for your business. Want to make sure it never happens again? Use these tips to get the competitive edge on vandals and thieves.

1. Place Security Cameras Around Your Machine

Although it’s not the cheapest option for preventing theft or vandalism on your vending machine, you can bet that criminals are going to check to see if there are cameras around before they try and rob you. If they see security cameras, it’s not going to be worth it for them to vandalize or steal from your vending machine. Remember, criminals tend to focus on points of weakness. That’s why they view vending machines as just little safes scattered all across town. By putting security cameras around your vending machine, you’re turning a point of weakness into a point of strength.

2. Place the Machine in a Visible Area

You should be doing this anyway to get the most out of your vending machine sales, but if you’re not, you’d be surprised how much this does for the security of your machine. For the most part, if people see something unlawful happen, they’ll say something. Criminals are going to be a lot less likely to try and break into your machine if they know that people could walk by at any moment and catch them. Even if someone is stupid enough to go after your vending machine when it’s in the middle of a public walking space, they’ll almost certainly get caught.

3. Business Insurance That Covers Vending Machines

While you should want to just protect your vending machines, sometimes it’s beyond your control. That’s why if you’re a business that uses vending machines as a revenue source for your business, you should have them insured in the case of a loss. That way you’re covered. Seeing as vending machines are some of the most burglarized businesses, it’s definitely worth it to have the insurance.

4. Use a Cage

This is definitely not the most aesthetically pleasing solution, but it’s definitely worth it if it’s going to prevent your vending machines from being burglarized. It might look like your vending machine is in jail, but at least you won’t be stolen from anymore. This is probably one of the most effective ways that you can protect the investment that you have in your vending machine.

Stay Ahead of Criminals to Avoid Vending Machine Repairs

Vending machine repairs are costly, and usually come as the result of theft or vandalism. The good news is that there are steps that you can take towards defending yourself against criminals. By using these tips, you can help make sure that you won’t be the victim of theft and keep your vending machines operating and profitable.