Advantages of Micro Market Vending

Woman at a Micro Market Vending Machine

Advantages of Micro Market Vending


Micro market vending has recently taken off in popularity, revolutionizing the way companies and schools sell food to their employees and students. What is it and is it better than traditional vending? We will answer these questions and go over some of the advantages of micro market vending below.

Why Your Building Needs Micro Market Vending

A micro market is a nice blend of store and vending machine. Like a small convenience store, it offers huge variety to its consumers, and consumers can freely browse and remove items from shelves to read nutrition information before making their purchase decision. Like a vending machine, it is automated and does not require an employee to monitor or sell the products. Most micro markets consist of refrigerated sections for perishable items, shelves or baskets for non-perishables, and a hot beverage machine.

Micro Market Vending VS Traditional Vending Machines

So is micro market vending better than traditional vending? It depends. It takes the right sort of setup for micro market vending to flourish. Usually, micro markets are set up in an enclosed, locked space with security cameras, because the actual products are not locked or monitored by a person. If this setup is not possible or practical in your building, then micro market vending is probably not the best for you. However, if your building will allow for a micro market, it can have many advantages over traditional vending, which we’ll discuss below.

Convenience for Consumer and Vendor

One of the reasons that businesses and schools place vending machines in their buildings is because of the convenience factor: they don’t have to be monitored or attended by an employee. This means lower cost for you and higher convenience for your consumer. When you have micro marketing, the convenience factor triples: not only is your store unattended, but it can also use advanced technology to track sales, inventory, and other analytics-based decisions. In addition, you won’t have to make as many service calls because there are less machines to be serviced.

Your employees and students will love micro market vending because they will be able to easily and quickly get what they want, after browsing freely and grabbing items if they need to read nutrition information. Checkout is fast, easy, and cashless, making for a seamless purchasing experience. So, if possible for your business, micro market vending can be extremely convenient to both you and your employees.

Vending Variety

A close second to the convenience factor is the variety that you can offer your employees with micro market vending. Aside from giving them options and keeping employees on-site for more of the day, variety is a good way to diversify sales and use analytics to find out what sells the best, what you can market better, etc. While there are certainly vending machines that are refrigerated and can offer variety, micro markets generally broaden the scope of what can be sold. The novelty of the micro market format will also keep your employees interested and coming back for more.

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