The Benefits of Healthy Vending Machines

Healthy Vending Machines for Workplaces

The Benefits of Healthy Vending Machines

Over the years, vending machines have become known for being the harbingers of junk food. When most people think of vending machines, they think of candy bars, chips, cookies, sodas, and many other highly processed, packaged food items. However, this does not have to be the case. It’s now possible and increasingly common to have vending machines with plenty of better-for-you options.

Why You Should Choose Healthy Vending Machines

Now that vending machines have the capability of being refrigerated, they have far more potential for healthy options than they used to. Where it was once necessary for vending machines to carry only products with preservatives to keep them fresh for as long as possible, they can now carry almost any product that adheres to guidelines. With endlessly healthy options, getting a healthy vending machine for your office or school will change the way you and your colleagues or students snack. We’ve listed the main reasons why it’s a good idea below.

They Promote Health and Wellness Where It Matters Most

With more than one third of all American adults considered obese, it is essential to take action for the health of the nation and for your community. Snacking is a very important way to target the obesity epidemic. When processed, high-fat, high-sugar snacks are readily available, they will be consumed. This is of course important in the workplace, but it is even more important in schools, where children need to have the proper nutrients for optimal health, development, and learning. Healthy snacking affects everything from the way you work or learn to the way you look and feel, so providing healthy vending machines in the places it matters the most—schools and offices—is an essential way to help fight obesity and other diet-related diseases.

They Create Variety—In Flavor and Activity

One of the reasons that people love having vending machines around is for the break it allows them to take—from their daily activity but also from their usual snacks. Chances are, vending machines will have many more snacking options than you are able to bring from home, and healthy vending machines usually have far more than traditional vending machines. For example, Camelback Vending Services offers hundreds of healthy options in healthy vending services. The variety of healthy options in healthy vending machines will bring you new flavors every day and a better way to take a break.

They Add To a Positive Work Culture

Providing healthy options to your employees will show them that you care about their health and wellness, creating a more positive perception of your business. Aside from their perception, they will also be happier and more productive if they are snacking on healthy items instead of sugary junk food items that will cause them to crash or feel lethargic and unhappy. Finally, when you have vending services that your employees want to use, they are more likely to spend time with their coworkers, building a stronger and more connected workforce.

Healthy Vending Machines for A Healthier Nation

When you provide healthy vending machines in your office or school, not only are you helping your company, school, and community flourish, but you are also adding to the quest for a healthier nation.