6 Benefits of Upgrading the Office Water Service in Your Phoenix Breakroom

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6 Benefits of Upgrading the Office Water Service in Your Phoenix Breakroom

Are you looking to upgrade your office water service? There are many benefits to gain by adding filtered water to your Phoenix break room. From improving your employee’s health to making your office greener, the advantages are numerous.

At Camelback, we’ve seen lots of different water filtration options. One of our top choices is Bevi water dispensers. Offering reliable, pure water, Bevi water dispensers meet or exceed expectations. Here’s why Bevi is a great choice for your Phoenix office:

Benefits of Choosing Bevi Dispensers as Your Office Water Service

Choosing Bevi to fulfill your Phoenix water service needs is a great decision. Learn why with the 6 benefits you’ll enjoy:

1. Good for the Environment!

Lower your carbon footprint. Adding a water dispenser can make your office greener. Using a Bevi dispenser eliminates plastic bottles. Instead, your staff can bring a cup or reusable bottle.

2. Save Money

Everyone loves to save money. That’s what you get with Bevi! Using Bevi dispensers is often less expensive than a bottled or canned drink service. You can save up to 50%. Win!

3. State-of-the-Art Technology

Beverage Vending Machine | Phoenix Healthy Options | Filtered WaterBevi Dispensers offer some of the latest technology on the market! With a few simple buttons, employees can pour their favorite flavored water. Or, they can order water using their smartphone. Now that’s modern!

4. Choose Your Office Water Service System

There are two different systems to fit your office pantry’s needs. The Standup and The Countertop are both excellent choices for your Phoenix office.  The Countertop is a more compact option. However, The Standup brings extra features. You can’t go wrong!

5. No Traditional Preservatives

Bevi Dispensers come with tasty, natural flavor options. The flavors are all-natural. Coconut lemon, anyone? Only citric acid is used as a preservative.

6. Personalized Experience

This office water service makes it possible for staff to personalize their water. Do you want to make some hot tea? Pour hot water from the dispenser. Or, pour a glass of refreshing cold water! You can even choose to drink sparkling water. Flavors include a wide range of fruits, which you can combine to make your favorite flavor. Have a sweet tooth? Add sweetener to your drink. You can also opt for an unsweetened drink. Plus, Bevi offers different enhancements. For example, you can add caffeine to your water to power through your workday. Or, add an immunity boost to stay healthy. Remember to check the features of the model you pick. Not all features are available on all models

Add a Bevi Dispenser to your Phoenix micro-market, office pantry, or break room. With it, you offer a great employee benefit. Everyone will love pouring their favorite cup of water!

Health Benefits of Investing in an Office Water Service

Staying hydrated is important for your Phoenix employees. Getting enough water ensures the best brain function and energy. It can even improve your mood! Plus, staying hydrated helps regulate body temperature, blood pressure, and digestion. The health of your skin can also be improved with proper hydration.

Investing in an office water service will help you meet your corporate wellness goals. Both plumbed-in water systems and Bevi Dispensers can help your staff get enough water. That’s especially important in hot, dry, Phoenix! When your employees are hydrated, they’re healthy, productive, and happy. Which office water service will you choose?

Are you ready to upgrade your office water service? Get in touch with our team to talk about your needs. We look forward to finding the perfect solution for your office!