Best Locations For Snack Vending Machines


Best Locations For Snack Vending Machines

Snack Vending Machine Locations

If you are wondering if a snack vending machine is right for you, it can depend on where you put it. There are plenty of locations that can support a snack vending machine, but we’ve compiled a list of businesses that almost always have success. You may fit into one of these categories, or your business may be similar enough to warrant giving it a go! Snack vending options do very well in the following locations:

Auto Repair Shops

If you own an auto repair shop, a snack vending machine is almost a must. You will have people waiting on their vehicle for an hour or more, and they’ll likely want a snack while they wait. Additionally, your employees will enjoy having snack options during their breaks and when they forget their lunch. Having a snack vending machine is not only a good business idea, but also a great service that your customers and employees will appreciate.


If you have an office space with 50 employees or more, a snack vending machine is a great addition to the space. If an employee has to work through lunch or stay late, they can grab a snack to keep up their energy and do better work because they aren’t focusing on hunger pangs. You will be helping your employees remain focused on the job with plenty of snack options nearby.


People often travel without much food because they expect to be able to buy things on the road. If they are hungry at an odd hour or don’t want to leave the hotel, having a snack vending machine on each floor, or a couple in the lobby, can help them get through the night or to the next meal. Vacationers expect vending machines in these locations and providing a quick and convenient way to grab a couple snacks is a great way to keep everyone happy.

Bowling Alleys

There are often a few options when it comes to food at a bowling alley, but snack vending machines should definitely be included in the mix.  Sure you might be able to order some pizza or nachos, but a quick snack from the vending machine is probably more affordable, and offers a better variety as well. Also, bowling alleys often have some kind of arcade games in them, so vending machines fit in quite nicely. Snack vending machines benefit the business and the bowler.


It’s a rare situation when someone is happy to be in the hospital—either as a patient, or visiting a loved one, so having snack vending machines available is crucial. There are times when people are in the hospital unexpectedly, or much longer than they had estimated, and really need a snack to keep them going.

Other Locations

There are plenty of other businesses and locations that work well for a snack vending machine. If you are interested learning more about your options, contact Camelback Vending and we’ll go through all the different choices with you.