Break Room Design in Chandler

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Break Room Design in Chandler

You’ve decided that you want to install a break room into your Chandler office. What next? First, you’ll have to assess your office’s needs to create a break room design that supports your company culture and your employee’s lifestyle choices.

The break room design process can be broken down into two categories. So, let’s take a look at them below.

Stocking the Break Room

Here you should be thinking about what to stock your Chandler break room with.  Also, you’ll need to think about who you’re stocking it for. Once you’ve answered the questions below, you’ll have a good idea of how to stock your break room.

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  • How many people will you need to feed daily?
  • Are you offering snack foods or full meals?
  • Will you be offering water filtration?
  • Are you providing energy drinks? Soda? Tea? Kambucha? Juice?
  • Will you be offering an office coffee service?
    • If so, do your employees prefer craft coffee, or are they okay with everyday coffee?
  • Are your employees health-conscious?
    • If so, will you be offering them healthy options in your Chandler break room?

Break Room Logistics 

Here, we’ll be focusing on the logistics of your break room space. Again, the answers below will give you a good idea of how to see your break room in a logistical sense.

  • Do your Chandler employees need access to the break room 24/7?
    • If so, will you be installing a self-service micro-market that can be open 24/7?
  • How much space do you have to devote to refreshments?
  • Is electricity or power accessible?

Here’s a bonus thought to consider:

  • Are you subsidizing your employee’s break room purchases?

Every break room design is unique and requires different amenities. The good news is that all of our break rooms are created individually. We work with a local cabinetry company that has years of experience customizing. Whatever it is that your Chandler business needs in the break room, we can do it!

We’re happy to assist you in this planning process. Please contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!