4 Break Room Upgrades Your Phoenix Team Will Love

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4 Break Room Upgrades Your Phoenix Team Will Love

Your Phoenix workplace break room is a refuge. There, your team can take a breather during a busy day. Plus, it’s the perfect spot to build positive workplace culture. In the break room, staff from different departments can all spend time together and build connections. In other words, it’s the heart of the company!

Don’t underestimate the power of upgrading your break room. Completing a break room upgrade or two can improve company culture and boost morale. Here are a few break room upgrades to consider:

Make Grabbing Lunch Easy with a Micro-Market

Help your team make the most of their break with a micro-market. There’s no time to leave the building to grab lunch on a busy day. So, your employees will love having fresh and healthy options at their fingertips with a new micro-market.

With our Phoenix micro-market solutions, choose what goes on the shelves. Offer fresh foods like artisan sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables. Set up gorgeous coolers with refreshing beverages, ice cream, and sweet treats. Yum! Plus, you can add energizing drinks, gourmet coffee, and trendy teas to keep everyone engaged.

Hire an Office Pantry Service: The Ultimate Break Room Upgrade

Upgrade your break room with an office pantry service. It’s the ultimate employee perk! Your staff will feel valued with free food to enjoy. Happier employees are more productive employees. So, it’s a win-win!

What can you put in your office pantry? Anything you want! Our Pheonix office pantry service is customizable. Fuel your team with breakfast items like yogurt and cereal. Power everyone up for lunch with grab-n-go meals such as sandwiches or healthy salads. Keep staff going between meetings with snacks and refreshing beverages. How about a cold brew, antioxidant tea, or energy drink? Now that sounds tasty!

Deliver Trendy Snacks and Beverages with Modern Vending Services

Modernize your break room with state-of-the-art vending machines. Vending machines make purchasing a pick-me-up very convenient. Just step into the break room to shop! Our vending technology uses remote monitoring and electronic payments. In other words, it’s easy! We manage it all. Then, your staff and visitors enjoy all the benefits.

Our Phoenix vending services are customizable! Make sure everyone’s favorites are included. Choose traditional and local treats. Offer both sweet and salty snacks. Don’t forget about drinks! Both carbonated beverages and ready-to-drink coffee are popular choices. Plus, employees that purchase refreshments frequently can enjoy discounts.

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Cozy Break Room Upgrades

Create a warm, cozy environment for staff to enjoy their breaks. Add comfortable seating such as sofas and lounge chairs. This will encourage people to use the space.

Another way to make the break room more inviting is by adding charging stations. Everyone needs to charge their phone! Plus, your Phoenix break room might be used for meetings. So, being able to power up laptops, tablets, and other equipment is important. Provide plenty of tables and countertops with lots of outlets. That way, the break room will be perfect for relaxing and recharging…literally and figuratively!

A break room upgrade can boost team morale and improve company culture. Get started on your upgrade today!

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