Camelback Vending Promotes Sustainability in Phoenix Break Rooms

Phoenix Office Water | Eco-Friendly | Break Room Sustainability Services

Camelback Vending Promotes Sustainability in Phoenix Break Rooms

Want to make the world a better place? If so, promote sustainability in your Phoenix break room. An eco-friendly office protects the planet. Furthermore, greener break room solutions can reduce energy costs. Plus, it boosts employee morale.

Don’t know where to start? Call Camelback Vending! Our services are great for employees and the environment.

Sustainable Phoenix Office Water Service

For starters, our filtered water solutions reduce waste. That’s right! A Bevi system reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles. Employees can use refillable bottles instead. Our plumbed-in water connects directly to your existing line. Whether you prefer a floor model or a countertop model to save space, we can help. Employees can even customize their beverages with water enhancers and a variety of flavors.

We also offer the Follett water and ice machine. Beat the heat and stay hydrated during the hot Arizona summers with Follet fresh water and chewable ice.

Boost Sustainability with an Office Coffee Service

Coffee is an office must-have. But you can still make yours greener! Our Phoenix office coffee service reduces plastic waste with our non-pod coffee options. This removes the need for pesky plastic pods. Furthermore, it means fewer single-use items.

On-site coffee reduces the need to drive. Instead of a café, employees can visit the break room. There, they can find gourmet drinks. A single-cup brewer can make many types of coffee and tea that are guaranteed to satisfy everyone at the office.

Phoenix Micro-Market | Vending Machine Sustainability | Coffee Service

Keep Employees Happy with Office Pantry Services

A Phoenix office pantry service keeps your team happy. They can help themselves to free snacks and drinks. Thus, they’ll feel appreciated. Camelback carries bulk items such as cereals, nuts, granola, and more. This reduces single-use packaging and protects the planet.

Offer employees healthy options like nuts or protein bars. This keeps employees full and fueled. They won’t have to leave the office for quality food. Thus, they’ll drive less.

Greener Technology

Lastly, add a Phoenix modern vending machine to your break room. Our machines have LED bulbs, making them energy efficient.  This makes your office more sustainable. Plus, you’ll save on energy costs!

We also use wireless monitoring technology. This helps us keep tabs on your product inventory. As a result, we’ll know when you’re running low and when to restock. This means fewer warehouse trips.

Camelback Helps You Support Sustainability

Want a greener Phoenix break room? If so, contact us today. We’ll help create a more sustainable break room for your workplace.

To learn more, contact us today at (602) 278-5330 or We offer micro-market, office coffee, vending, and office pantry solutions.