Camelback Vending Receives the Top 10 Corporate Wellness Services Companies of 2022 Award

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Camelback Vending Receives the Top 10 Corporate Wellness Services Companies of 2022 Award

Providing healthy break room solutions is important for many companies. Why? Today’s employees want to be healthy. With wellness services, companies meet their staff’s needs. Yet, adding fresh fruit and water to the break room does more than help employees stay healthy.

Healthy break rooms help create a positive workplace environment. That leads to greater productivity. Plus, healthy employees are happy employees. Camelback Vending Services is here to make all of that happen. It’s our passion!

Camelback Vending Provides Excellence in Break Room Wellness Services

Camelback Vending Services helps Phoenix companies create healthy break rooms.  Recently, Manage HR Magazine recognized Camelback Vending in their Top 10 Corporate Wellness Services Companies for 2022. What made us stand out as a leader in corporate wellness services? It’s all thanks to our unique approach.

CEO Jodi Glimpse says Camelback Vending doesn’t “airdrop our solutions to clients’ environments.” Instead, we customize each service. In other words, we work closely with clients to understand their needs. Then, we choose and plan services. The work doesn’t end there. After adding a solution such as a micro-market, we stay in close contact. We know that clients’ needs change over time. So, we adjust products and services as needed. Should challenges arise, we respond quickly to find a solution. Our number one goal is to provide an excellent customer experience.

Camelback Vending’s Break Room Wellness Services

At Camelback Vending, we offer several healthy break room solutions. All of them can be tailored to your corporate wellness needs. Take a look at our services:


Phoenix Healthy Vending | Micro-Market Wellness Services | Office Coffee 

Micro-markets are mini cafes that are open 24/7. In a micro-market, you can find fresh food, snacks, and beverages. You can add healthy options, too. Phoenix micro-markets can even be personalized with your company’s branding. Buying products is a piece of cake. Customers can go cashless. Both credit card and mobile wallet payments work at the self-serve kiosk. Another perk? It’s convenient for employees to be able to buy and eat meals on-site. Imagine picking up a salad or sandwich for lunch!

Office Pantry

An office pantry is a great workplace benefit. It shows staff how much they’re valued. This service provides complimentary refreshments to employees. Want to include healthy options? We can stock your Phoenix office pantry with whole fruit and healthy snacks. For example, staff can grab an apple or some yogurt. Consider adding a water dispenser as well. There’s nothing healthier to drink than water. An office pantry can help attract new talent and retain employees. It’s a major employee perk!

Office Coffee Service

Coffee is an office staple. Camelback Vending Services offers many choices when it comes to coffee. Choose a single-cup or bean-to-cup brewer. These machines can make trendy drinks with the touch of a button. Imagine enjoying a latte to get you through the afternoon. Or, choose a traditional brewer for high-consumption offices. A premium Phoenix office coffee service can keep employees focused and energized.


Modern Phoenix vending machines have it all. Try a fresh food vending machine with sandwiches and salads. Or stock your vending machines with tasty treats and beverages. You can even request healthy refreshments. Do you need another reason to love our vending machines? No more digging for coins. Our vending machines accept cashless payments!

Camelback Vending Is Ready for 2023

Being recognized as one of the top 10 Corporate Wellness Services Companies wasn’t our only success in 2022. We added products! This year, we are proud to work with Wild Tonic Kombucha, Bevi Water Dispensers, and Smuckers Liquid Coffee. These new product partners help keep customers engaged with our services.

We continue to grow, expand our services and add new routes. And, we’re always looking to invest in technology to give customers the best experience possible.

Are you ready to upgrade your break room in 2023? You’re not alone! We’re excited to help you create a modern break room for your hard working team. Get in touch today at (602) 278-5330 or to discuss your needs.