Camelback Vending takes the internet by storm with OMNI Online Solutions

Camelback Vending takes the internet by storm with OMNI Online Solutions

Growing at a steady 20% for the last seven years, Camelback Vending was able to add an employee or two each year to further provide the superb customer support that clients had become accustomed to.

However, as the company continued to grow, it became increasingly difficult to match the previous growth percentage, resulting in cold-calls and the ever shameful door-to-door tactic. Thankfully, there was this thing called the Internet, and we began to leverage it in 2012.

In hopes of making a greater impact on sales activities and to become more visible in monthly online searches, we decided to partner with OMNI Online Solutions out of Los Angeles, CA. The decision wasn’t easy. We considered many companies each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but in the end it was OMNI’s broad scope of clients in multiple industries that won us over. Considered one of the elite online solution companies in the US, OMNI’s specialty is SEO ranking. We can say from experience, they don’t disappoint!

Within a month or two, Camelback immediately began to see incremental improvement in the quality of leads and new opportunities. With OMNI, we became live on five different social media platforms that customers love to engage with, and these platforms played a major role in making us accessible to the thousands of people that weren’t already aware of our existence. Additionally, they provide easy access for people to share their experiences with Camelback by leaving reviews on major reputation platforms.

Long story short, we don’t know where we’d currently be if it wasn’t for OMNI Online Solutions!

So thanks OMNI, you do awesome work!

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