Camelback Vending: Breaking the ‘Old School’ Ways of the Vending Industry

Camelback Vending: Breaking the ‘Old School’ Ways of the Vending Industry

Advancements in vending machines have made purchasing from our vending machine easier and more reliable than ever. The benefits to our time-pressed customers looking for everything from fresh food and ice cream to drinks and coffee have developed greatly over the years. What used to be antiquated mechanical devices have turned into sophisticated, cutting edge pieces of equipment.

Our vending machine technology continues to keep pace with the latest advancements. Our machines, outfitted with high-tech features, are designed to enhance the customer experience. We use this new technology to meet a wide set of challenges, including adjusting to the purchasing patterns of customers, finicky tastes of youth, environmental concerns, and stringent health initiatives in schools. Some of the cutting edge advancements in our machines include touch-screen and interactive LCD displays, cashless payment systems, telemetry systems, and digital signage providing product data.

While the fight against obesity ultimately rests with the consumer who must break the chains of a sedentary lifestyle, we are making a conscious effort to contribute to the fight against obesity in a significant way. By offering hundreds of healthy options, all of our customers have many options beyond the traditional, often unhealthy, snacks and beverages to choose from.

While the recent recession has thinned the overabundance of vending operators across the US, which has been a healthy market adjustment, it has simultaneously also created certain factors that have driven up the need for vending solutions. For instance, frugal consumer behavior has encouraged the use of vending machines, on-site micro markets, and office coffee services.

In the long term, the demand for our services will continue to grow from resurgence of demand metrics such as increasing employment levels, growing disposable incomes, population increase in the valley, and strengthening consumer confidence.