Why Choose Full Vending Over Snack Vending?

Lady getting snacks out of a vending machine

Why Choose Full Vending Over Snack Vending?

Your Vending Machines Should Have More Than Snacks

When you invest in vending machines for your school or business, you have to decide what you’d like to put in them. If you’re dealing with a fairly traditional and reputable vending company, the main options you’ll encounter are snack vending, drink vending, full-service vending, micro market vending, and sometimes a combination of those. Because making the right decision here can determine whether or not you get a return on investment, it’s worthwhile to consider why it’s beneficial to offer more than snacks in your vending machines.

Healthier Options

The obvious reason for choosing more than snack vending is something that has been talked about a lot in regard to school vending machines. Traditional vending machine snacks are not necessarily the healthiest. And since most schools were offering purely snacks and sugary drinks in their vending machines, suddenly vending machines were getting blamed for contributing to the obesity epidemic. The reality is that you can sell so much more than snacks and drinks from a vending machine. And most schools have caught onto the trend, offering healthier options by using refrigerated vending machines or simply full-service vending. Some local vending companies will even help you pick the right healthy options based on what your clients like.

More Variety Means More Business

People like variety. If your vending machine sells nothing but unhealthy snacks, you’re going to miss out on a huge potential client: the individual who likes the convenience of vending machines but wouldn’t be caught dead eating Cheetos. Because of this huge market opportunity, it makes sense to add more variety into your vending machines.

Keep Your Employees Close for Lunch

Many full-service vending machines offer items that can be considered full meals. When you provide this type of vending service to your employees, they’re going to be far more likely to stay in the building during lunch, which, in addition to being incredibly convenient for them, usually means that they’ll take shorter lunches and increase their productivity. If your machines only offer snacks, then your employees will have to leave for lunch.

You Can Determine What Sells Best

While variety is great for the people using your vending machines, it’s also great because you’ll be able to test out different products to figure out what works best for your clientele—whether they’re students, employees, or strangers.

If you have the right vending company, they will help you choose the right food to include based on what your customers like. In fact, using a local vending service like Camelback Vending is a great way to customize your vending machines to your business’s needs. For example, in Phoenix area and surrounding areas, Camelback Vending has worked with so many schools that we understand guidelines, we know the nutritional values of products, and we are able to find products that are popular with students in addition to being healthy. If you’d like to learn more about snack vending, full-service vending, school vending, or any other type of vending services in the greater Phoenix area, reach out to us today. We’d be happy to help you.