Meet Gaviña

In 1870, brothers José María and Ramón Gaviña left Spain in search of a better life. They moved to the rough mountainous terrain of Southern Cuba. Once settled, they began to plant coffee seeds. It is on these very fields that F. Gaviña & Sons was born.

Later in 1967, Gaviña expanded to coffee roasting when they opened their roasting facility in Los Angeles. Today, Gaviña and their sister’s company Don Francisco’s, are run by the original farm’s direct descendants. They still oversee all aspects of the business every day to ensure that tradition and quality are never compromised.

Why we love Gaviña

When it comes to our Phoenix office coffee service, we consider Gaviña Gourmet Coffee and Don Francisco our house lines.

Family owned + operated


Quality never compromised

Unique Options

Whether you’re looking for k-cups, pods, flavored options, or traditional beans for your office coffee service in Phoenix, Gaviña offers it all.

The most popular Gaviña (and Don Francisco) flavors:

Vanilla nut

French roast

Breakfast blend

Northwest euro

Hawaiian hazelnut

Upgrading your office coffee in Phoenix
with Gaviña is just a click away.

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