Convenience Service Providers Are Here For Your Returning Business

Phoenix Convenience Service Providers

Convenience Service Providers Are Here For Your Returning Business

While these past weeks have proved to be very challenging, we’ve maintained a positive attitude and prepared for normalcy. We’re excited to see your business return to normal. We look forward to serving you and your Phoenix breakrooms again. In the spirit of moving forward, we’ve teamed up with other convenience service providers across the country with one clear message: convenience service providers are here to help businesses as they transition back to work.


The video we created highlights and showcases us, Camelback Vending, and other convenience service providers from all across the country. While each convenience service provider is responding to its states COVID-19 re-opening schedules and operation guidelines, we all share the same message of support for transitioning businesses. Watch our inspiring video below (led by VendCentral). When watching this video, we hope that you know #WeAreHereForYou.


Here’s What To Expect From Us In The Coming Months

Moving forward, we are making sure that we are mindful and sensitive to your individual business needs. We want to make your transition back to the workplace as streamlined as possible. We know that your needs will be evolving, and we’re happy to adjust your Phoenix break room refreshment needs as needed. While safe distances and limited contact will still be a concern, convenience services provide a reliable way of accessing fresh foods, snacks, and beverages A well-stocked break room will limit your Phoenix employee’s need for unnecessary contact during off-site trips for food and drinks.

You can expect that we’re all working towards helping you provide a safer working environment for your Phoenix employees. As an industry, sanitation and cleanliness have always been a priority. However, here at Camelback Vending, we have taken this opportunity to take inventory of our operations and look for areas that we can improve in. Additionally, it’s our utmost priority to stay up to date with CDC health and safety guidelines moving forward.

Here’s what you can expect from us in your Phoenix break room:

  • Our highly trained staff will sanitize all contact surfaces and high touch areas at the end of every service call.
  • Social distancing practices will remain a top priority.
  • We will wash our hands thoroughly or put on a fresh pair of gloves before each visit.
  • The latest technology will allow for cashless payment options.
  • Our employees will be monitored for symptoms before they begin their shift.


For more information about installing a break room, please contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!