Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness has changed.

The pandemic has brought to light the importance of wellness and health for everyone.

Preventative wellness is now a priority at most thriving companies.

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Corporate wellness in Phoenix

Break rooms provide a place for employees to nourish their bodies with healthy food. They are also a space for employees to take a break and build community with co-workers boosting mental health.

the why

Why you should prioritize wellness.

Retain and attract
top talent

Employers are looking for more than just a salary. Providing employee benefits (breakrooms) gives you an advantage in this competitive market.


Hiring and training can costyour company a fortune. Instead of wasting money on turn over put it towards providing a break room for your employees.

Increase employee

Employees who feel appreciated and supported in the office become invested in their workplace and co-workers. When that happens, office morale skyrockets.
Healthy vending machines in Phoenix

Did you know that insurance companies sometimes cover or contribute to wellness benefits?

Not sure if that’s you? We’re happy to help you work with your insurance provider to find out!