Dietary Needs and Requests in the Workplace

Dietary Needs and Requests in the Workplace

Supporting Employees’ Dietary Needs


Whether you are aware of it or not, many of your employees have dietary restrictions. It could be due to a medical issue, a food allergy, or a general dietary concern, but this is besides the point: it is important that everyone feels welcome and included within your office environment. The exciting news is, as we become more aware and health conscious as a society, there are many delicious health products that have come onto the market to accommodate those with special diets. Camelback Vending Services is proud to provide you with these healthy choices for your office food and beverage selection so that all can be accommodated within your workspace.


Take A Survey

If you aren’t sure what dietary restrictions or food allergies are among your employees and workplace, one way to find out is to survey your office workers. The survey can be anonymous, but it can tell you what kind of choices you might need to make for your office based on the results. You will have a better idea of what you need to help those with food allergies feel safe and welcome within your workplace.

Go With Healthy Vending Options

Along with accommodating specialized needs in your office, it’s hard to go wrong with healthy vending options. You can choose vending machine options that include granola bars, fruits, and other snacks that provide everyone in the office to with healthy choices that will sustain their energy all day long. With healthy options nearby, employees do not have to take as much time away from their work to seek out the snacks they love and with your support of healthy choices, they’re happier in their jobs as well.

Customize Your Options

You can get a vending machine that comes with popular snacks and goodies and leave it at that, but with Camelback Vending, you can take what you know about your office and your employees and tailor your options to work perfectly for your workplace culture. Say you’ve noticed that one person always brings their own gluten free snacks—offer some gluten free options in the vending machine. Give healthy options, allergy conscious choices, and snacks and beverages that you know would be valuable to your employees. With Camelback Vending, you get to choose what goes into the machine based on what you want and what your employees would find the most valuable. You have the power to make choices on behalf of your employees so everyone will feel included and welcome in your office space.

Finding The Right Choices Based On Dietary Needs

Once you have a grip on what your employees enjoy—and what they need for their dietary restrictions—work with the experts at Camelback Vending to get food and vending services that will meet their needs. You can pick custom healthy choices for the office so everyone in the space can have the accommodations they need and the snacks they enjoy. No one feels left out, everyone feels energized and productive, and you are making every employee a top concern. Let’s work together to create a list of the right items that fit within your workplace culture.