The Future of Vending Machines

The Future of Vending Machines

Modern Smartphone With Blank Screen IsolatedBig changes are happening in the future of vending machines. We all know that vending machines are beginning to sell things other than food, ranging from tech, to books. The technology used in the machines is greatly changing. The Guardian covered a story about how a new kind of vending machine that uses facial recognition to give snacks based on snacking history, or it may deny unhealthy snacks to individuals that are on a diet. While this is extremely interesting (though it seems slightly “big brother”), there are other, more practical changes being made, that have a big impact.

Right now, not only are there changes happening in the technology, but there are changes in our culture. Take a look at what some of the biggest changes will be to our industry in the upcoming years.

What is in the Vending Machines
We love talking about how healthier snacks are becoming more prevalent in vending machines. Healthy vending machines offer great options for buyers. Healthy snacks throughout the day can be more beneficial than just healthy meals. We are so happy that this change is happening in the country, so that kids at school or employees can conveniently grab some vegetables or yogurt when they are feeling peckish. The FDA is now making vendors clearly label the calorie count for any kind of food or beverage. Vending machines will be joining restaurants, convenience stores and other venues to help educate individuals on the number of calories they are consuming.

How to Pay for Snacks
With the debut of the iPhone 6, there was the inception of paying through the use of a NFC-enabled device. Vending machines will soon need to adapt to this technology. This technology makes grabbing a snack even easier. The buyer will only need to pull out their phone, instead of pulling out their wallet and then pulling out the correct amount of money, or figuring out the best credit card to use. You will not need to worry about a vending machine rejecting your cash. You can simply allow the machine to read your phone and then the snacks will easily be vended to you.

How to Find Vending Machines
Did you know there was an app for that? Apps like vndr show you where the closest vending machines are and the kinds of foods they offer. They also have commenting for the individual vending machines so that you can let others know when the machine does not work properly or if it is out of your favorite product. This app works very similarly to Yelp except for a vending machine. App users will be able to find the snacks and beverages that they are craving very easily.

We are very excited about how technology and our culture are working together to make vending machines more accessible, convenient, and healthier. We look forward to these great changes in vending machines and we are looking forward to the great things that will be happening next.