Healthy vending machines in Phoenix area Area and The Valley

Smiley employees

Eating better at work leads to happier, more appreciative attitudes and boosts company morale.

Fresh and nutritious

Make fresh and nutrient dense foods easily accessible to benefit your Phoenix area business location.

Optimized performance

Watch productivity improve after implementing healthy service in the break room.

Flawless collaboration with your wellness committee

As a wellness expert, we’ll work with your wellness committee to create a healthy break room solution that your employees will love.

Effortless collaboration

We know how to effortlessly collaborate to develop a wellness program your employees will love.

Camelback Vending can do it all

Micro-market, pantry service or vending service - we’re happy to create a unique program for you.

Wide variety of trendy products

Giving your employees a wide variety of healthy options they want makes for happier employees.

Healthy refreshments for your educational facility

The days of ramen noodles and fast food are long gone. Today, students and faculty are looking for healthy options – options they can feel good about. Provide your students and staff with a variety of healthy and wholesome refreshments they’re looking for.

Camelback Vending is the largest and most knowledgeable school vendor in the Phoenix area. So, when it comes to Smart Snack regulations, no one knows them better than us.

Trendy options that fit a healthy lifestyle

Break rooms that are stocked full of nutritious and better-for-you refreshments ideal for encouraging healthy habits.

Freshen up the break room with healthy service from Camelback Vending at 602-278-5330.

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