Healthy Alternatives to Soda in Your Vending Machine

Healthy Alternatives to Soda in Your Vending Machine

Enable Healthy Alternatives With Your Vending Machine

If you are offering drinks and office vending services, have you considered healthier drink options? When you are working a long day, it is key to stay hydrated, healthy, and productive, and while there is nothing wrong with drinking a soda every now and then, you and your employees might not want to grab a soft drink as your beverage of choice on a regular basis. Soda has a lot of added sugar and caffeine that is often not ideal for those working a regular work day and needing sustained energy. Additionally, while soda may be a nice treat for some, many in the workplace simply need other drinks due to health reasons or personal preference, and it’s nice to have a vending machine in your office space that gives everyone different healthy options. Here are a few great healthy soda alternatives that some vending machines offer:


Sparkling Water

This is a great alternative to a soda because it’s hydrating and gives you that fizz you want without the extra sugar (and caffeine). Drinking water is always best, but it can get bland if that’s all you drink all day long. Sparkling water gives you a bit of a kick to go along with the water you need. If you need something even more different than the water flavor, there are different flavored options of sparkling water.


Besides water, tea is another healthy drink option. It comes in an array of different flavors, and even has anti-inflammatory effects . Many teas have antioxidants (which can prevent cancer) and you can also get caffeine free tea if you don’t want a caffeine crash or keeping you up late into the night.

Fruit Juice

You may have heard that some juices are packed with sugar and added content, but pure fruit juice with no added sugar is loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and other health benefits. You can get that fruity flavor along with high vitamin C content and other things that only add to your health.

Craft Sodas

Craft sodas are similar in flavor to a regular soda, but they have natural ingredients that allow you to worry less about what you’re drinking. You can get rid of a craving and enjoy the knowledge of natural ingredients at the same time.


Limited amounts of coffee can also add benefits to your health and having a cup or two of coffee a day is probably better than the high sugar content of a soda. It can also help you wake up and get productive towards the end of your day.

Camelback Vending Lets You Decide

In the end, having a vending machine in the office gives you and your employees the choices you need to be able to quench your thirst throughout the day. Camelback Vending allows you to place the types of drinks or snacks that your employees want within your office space. Whether it’s soda, tea, sparkling water, coffee, craft sodas, or all of the above, Employees have the ability to decide for themselves what they want and what is best for them throughout the day, because of the variety of choices you provide for them. Contact Camelback Vending today if you want more information on our vending services.