Healthy Break Rooms for Essential Employees

healthy break rooms

Healthy Break Rooms for Essential Employees

While much of the world has slowed down here at Camelback Vending we’ve busy making sure that all essential employees are taken care of. We are running full steam ahead supplying healthy break rooms to many essential Phoenix businesses that are remaining open. Making sure that those working on the front line have access to nutritious options while at work.

Staying healthy is an important factor for Phoenix employees that are required to work on the front lines. One way to stay healthy is by making nutrient-dense choices when eating. Making healthy food choices at work requires having healthy options available. So, healthy break rooms are critical in providing a nutritious selection for your employees. Let’s take a look at healthy break rooms in the Phoenix workplace and how we can provide wholesome options for you and your employees.


What are healthy break rooms?

The answer to this might be different depending on your individual needs. “Healthy” can mean so many things to different people. In general, a healthy break room in Phoenix incorporates filtrated water, healthy drink alternatives, refrigeration options, nutrient-dense snacks or lunch options with tons of fresh fruit/veggie options.

The good news is when you create your break room with us, we will make sure that it is catered to your companies individual needs.


We are fully staffed and ready to stock or install your break room. 

We’re fully staffed and ready to take on your business – we are here to take care of your staff; however, we can. While it is true that a lot of businesses have closed, there are also a lot of essential businesses that must remain open. Ultimately, this means that a lot of employees are looking for nutritious options while at work, and we’re here to help you provide that. 

We can easily and quickly deliver anything from grab and go snacks such as nuts, hummus, or yogurt, to full meal options such as sandwiches, soups, or salads! We also have the ability to provide filtered water, craft coffee, and healthy drinks.


Healthy break rooms in PhoenixHealthy is not as difficult as it seems

Healthy is no different than ordering any other foods or drinks from us. Camelback Vending has been in the business of serving up healthy foods in Phoenix break rooms and vending machines since we’ve opened! When we began, we primarily served schools that have rigorous national healthy standards.

Our business has expanded over the years to include other clientele. But, we still service many schools that require us to be up to date on healthy standards. It also means providing healthy options for your Phoenix break room is a breeze for us because we’ve had many years of experience on how to make it happen!

Why do you need a healthy break room for your essential employees?

The positive impacts are numerous! Healthy break rooms attract quality employees, increase employee retention, create a happy and creative work environment, show that you are supportive of your Phoenix employee’s life choices, promote healthy living, aide in avoiding mental burnout, and provide a space for your employees to bond.

While the above reasons are obviously important, we think it’s most important to focus on what you’re providing your essential employees who have no choice but to work on-site. How are you positively impacting their experience at work and aiding in their health?

Your essential workers are putting themselves on the line every day. Give them what they need – nutrient-dense foods will aide their body in staying healthy!

You’re probably wondering how much time and effort installing a healthy break room is going to cost you…

It won’t! It’s as simple as a few quick phone calls. We’ll discuss what you’re needs are as well as logistics, and our team will take it from there. Our goal is to be your break room fairies. You’ll never know where there but you’ll always have what you need.


Are you looking to install a healthy break room? We’d be happy to help you with that and answer any questions you may have! Please fill out this FORM or call Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330.