Healthy Employees Start in the Phoenix Break Room

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Healthy Employees Start in the Phoenix Break Room

Let’s face it unless your employees work from home; they spend most of their day in the office. So, what happens in the office really does have an impact on your Phoenix employees. Especially when thinking about the food that they eat in the break room while at work.

A break room is a big determining factor in employee health – a break room stocked with nutritious refreshments can lead to healthy employees.

Hydration Station

Proper hydration is critical when thinking about providing a well-stocked break room for healthy employees. Employees can easily fill up on sugary, high-calorie drinks. Purified water is a great place to start when thinking about healthy drink options for your Phoenix area break room.

Thinking beyond water, you can offer your employees things like kombucha, coconut water, teas, and sparkling water, to name a few. Offering a coffee service is also a great option for your Phoenix employees because of the numerous health benefits in coffee.

Snack Well

Studies show that the majority of Americans snack at least once a day. And, more then half of Americans snack two to three times a day.

With that in mind, you’ve got to think about the kinds of snacks you’re offering in your Phoenix break room. If your employees are snacking anywhere from one to three times a day, there’s so much opportunity for them to do it the right way.

A micro-market or pantry service is a great way to provide various nutritious snack options for your Phoenix area employees. A pantry service allows you to offer the break room refreshments as a wellness benefit to your employees. In contrast, a micro-market allows your employees to access healthy and nutritious snacks throughout the day. To learn more about micro-markets, click here.

Healthy employees in Phoenix

Overall Well-Being

The break room offers your Phoenix employees a place to indulge in good mental health activities. Employees can meet with other employees in the break room and strengthen their work bond/relationship. It can also be a place to take breaks, refresh their minds, and relieve stress.

Providing your employees with a break room shows them that you value their mental health and overall health, which leads to a thriving workplace. One that’s healthy, happy, and very productive!


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