5 Healthy Springtime Foods for Phoenix Break Rooms

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5 Healthy Springtime Foods for Phoenix Break Rooms

Spring has finally sprung! Gardens are now ripe with fruits and veggies. Thus, it’s the perfect time to try healthy foods. Add some vitamin-packed produce to your lunch. Or, enjoy it as a stand-alone snack to improve your health.

Want to promote workplace wellness? Offer these five springtime foods in your Phoenix break room to support employees’ health and wellness goals.

1. Asparagus is a Versatile Veggie

You can enjoy asparagus in many ways. Steam or roast it. Or, serve it grilled! Asparagus is a great addition to your Phoenix micro-market. That’s because it’s packed with antioxidants. This helps your body fight disease. This green veggie also has potassium. Therefore, it supports heart health.

2. Strawberries Are the Perfect Healthy Springtime Snack

Nothing says spring like strawberries! Have a handful for lunch. Add some slices to your yogurt. Mix them in your summer salad. Or, enhance your tea with delicious, ripe strawberries. Sweeten your tea through our Phoenix office coffee and tea service!

Want to beat the heat? Sip strawberry-infused water. Add fresh Phoenix filtered water to your bottle. Then, drop in some strawberries. Sounds refreshing, right?

3. Fava Beans Are Packed with Protein

Want to add more protein to your diet? Reach for some fava beans. Add them to your salad. Or, make some hummus. Fava beans are a healthy chip dip. Try it for your next office party! Furthermore, fava beans have fiber which helps control blood sugar levels. Fiber also lowers cholesterol.

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Offer it to employees as part of your complimentary Phoenix office pantry service. This way, employees can help themselves to this healthy snack. Show employees you care about their well-being while improving employee satisfaction!

4. Radishes Spice Things Up

Spice up your life with radishes! These zesty root veggies help your heart. They also boost blood flow. Radishes have calcium and potassium, which can reduce blood pressure.

Throw some radishes in your salad. Enjoy them raw—with butter, of course! Or, add radishes to your tacos. The options are endless!

5. Eat Watercress for Strong Bones

This leafy green looks like cabbage. But it tastes better! Thus, it’s a great springtime snack. Watercress is also healthy. It has Vitamin K. This is good for your blood and bones.

Top your salad or sandwich with watercress. You can also add it to soups and smoothies. Or, crunch on it with a light dressing.

We’ll Make Your Break Room Healthy!

Want to add healthy veggies to your Phoenix break room? Call Camelback Vending Services today. We provide healthy products to Arizona businesses. Ask us about our healthy vending snacks and fresh foods.

To learn more, call (602) 278-5330. We also offer office coffee, vending, and office pantry solutions.