How Healthy Vending Machines Boost Wellness Benefits in Phoenix

Healthy Vending Machines Boost Wellness Benefits

How Healthy Vending Machines Boost Wellness Benefits in Phoenix

Wellness benefits and healthy vending machines are all the rage these days. While they might seem like a “fluffy” benefit, they’re actually significant to an employee’s overall wellbeing and longevity within the company. Unlike many other benefits, many studies show the positive impact of wellness programs.

Healthy vending machines in your Phoenix break room are the perfect complement to your wellness benefits. They provide your employees with healthy refreshment options, and the break room that they are in provides a place to take a break throughout the day. And so, much more – let dive into three ways healthy vending machines can boost your wellness benefits. And, in turn, boost your employees well being.

Modern Vending Machines Increase Productivity

If your Phoenix employees constantly have to go off-site for things like coffee and healthy snacks, they are more likely to spend more time away from their desks. However, if there is a break room right down the hall, your employee can have quick access to the refreshments they crave. Employees will spend more time relaxing instead of rushing off-site. Resulting in relaxed employees who are refreshed and eager to get back to work. All of which leads to increased productivity.

Healthy Vending Machines and Employees Health go Hand in Hand

Providing healthy snacks and meals directly affects your employee’s health. If there are healthy options for your employees, then they are more likely to eat healthy foods. Employees who take care of themselves and eat nutrient-dense foods are typically much healthier, which leads to less sick time. Healthy and present employees are critical to the productivity flow of a business. 

Retain and Attract Quality Employees with Wellness Benefits

Healthy Vending Machines and Productive EmployeesVending machines stocked with today’s most requested refreshments and healthy refreshments add an extra boost to your wellness benefit. Today’s employees have different priorities when considering a place of employment. They want to know that the company they’re working for is in-line with who they are and the values them. Strong wellness benefits are a great way to show potential candidates and current Phoenix employees that you care about them and their wellbeing.


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