Healthy Vending in the Workplace


Healthy Vending in the Workplace

november-blogHealthy, balanced eating habits can positively affect your life. While diets are often confining and intended for the short term, a balanced diet is dependent on activity level and designed to be a part of your lifestyle. A balanced diet incorporates a healthy mix of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole-grains, low-fat dairy, nuts and other healthy fats and oils.

Earlier this year, schools made modifications to their snack selection in order to curb unhealthy eating habits and provide students with access to nutritious snacks throughout the day. The new health standards allow schools to better regulate what students consume each day. Learn how a healthy vending solution can enhance your work environment.

What Can Be Done at Work?
Smart snack choices are not just limited to schools. Custom vending options are available for the workplace too. With healthy vending options, you can control what it is your employees are snacking on and by eliminating unhealthy choices you can improve productivity and morale. While snacking on junk food can have negative effects on mood, healthy snacking will improve your overall performance. Snacking on lean proteins and good fats like nuts and seeds restores, sustains and increases energy levels. Smart snacking also curbs cravings and promotes weight loss.

Why Does Your Office Need Healthy Vending?
If your employees are eating well in the workplace, chances are they will be more productive at work and take less time off for health-related causes. In addition to boosting productivity levels, healthy snacking will increase the time employees spend at work by reducing long breaks and lunches. Healthy vending will not only do good for your employees, it will also have a large benefit on your business. Employees will appreciate your commitment to their improved health and this will help attract and retain talented professionals. With healthy eating becoming part of the norm, healthy vending will enhance the overall image and company culture of your workplace.

Consider a healthy vending solution in your workplace. The numerous health benefits will positively affect performance.