Hot Tea, the drink your Phoenix employees want.

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Hot Tea, the drink your Phoenix employees want.

Traditionally hot tea is an afterthought in the break room. However, it has gained popularity in recent years, and many Phoenix employees want to have it in the break room. Let’s look at why people love it and what flavors you could offer to your employees.

Why do Phoenix employees want hot tea?

With the emergence of the health and wellness industry, hot tea has become a go-to for many people. Phoenix employees are gravitating towards hot teas for its health benefits. Tea is packed with antioxidants and can also boost the immune system and reduce inflammation.Tea Service | Tea in Phoenix | Office Coffee Service | Hot Tea | Coffee and Tea Service

Tea is far more than a morning beverage. It’s one that employees love having throughout the day. Take a peek below to see what types of tea people like throughout the day.

Phoenix employees love having tea throughout the day because it gives them a reason to slow down and relax. The pace of the workday is often fast. Spending time brewing a cup of tea makes space for a couple of minutes to relax and recharge. After this downtime, employees often return to work more productive and full of new ideas.

The best part about adding tea to your Phoenix vending service is that it’s an affordable benefit to offer to your employees.

What kind of teas do Phoenix employees want?

Office Coffee and Tea Service in PhoenixThe variety of teas available are endless, and it can feel overwhelming deciding what to offer your Phoenix employees. Providing these three varieties is an excellent addition to any Phoenix micro-market.

  • Black – Black tea has the most potent flavor and is the most robust of all the teas. This makes it the perfect option for Phoenix employees looking to replace their coffee in the morning. Or those that are already choosing to drink tea as their main source of morning caffeine.
  • Green – For centuries, green tea has been used as a supplement to boost immune systems. Since your Phoenix employees are focused on boosting their immune systems, offering green tea is a great choice. It’s also a great tea to drink throughout the day.

Herbal – Herbal teas come in many flavors and aim to soothe the person drinking them. It’s the perfect all-day option. While hot herbal tea is excellent, many employees love making iced tea with Twinings® tea. Especially during the hot Phoenix summers!


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