How break rooms affect your Phoenix businesses bottom line

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How break rooms affect your Phoenix businesses bottom line

Can break rooms affect your bottom line? Absolutely! Break rooms are not just about refreshments. They affect company culture, employee morale, employee health, employee productivity, and so much more. And, these factors affect your bottom line as a business owner because how your employees feel and the environment they are in strongly influences their ability to work at their highest potential. Let’s dive in and explore a few ways break rooms are affecting businesses’ bottom lines in Phoenix.

Break rooms keep Phoenix employees onsite.

Have you ever had to worry about employees leaving work and coming back late? What boss hasn’t! It’s frustrating because it reduces employees’ working time and productivity levels. Having a break room onsite eliminates their need to leave work for the beverages, snacks, and meals they crave. Whether you install a micro-market or pantry service in Phoenix, employees can easily and quickly access what they need from the break room and get back to work. Office coffee service in Phoenix is also a great addition to any break room as it keeps those looking for their favorite café quality beverages onsite. 

break rooms and your businesses bottom line | Healthy Break Room in Phoenix | Phoenix Vending | Camelback Vending

Healthy break rooms and their effects on employees can change your bottom line!

Healthy employees are less likely to miss work. But how do you keep your employees healthy? You support their daily lifestyle choices and encourage healthy habits. For instance, employee food choices are a critical determining factor of their health. One of the ways Phoenix businesses have encouraged and supported employers’ healthy lifestyles is by providing healthy break rooms to their employees. Office pantry service in Phoenix is the perfect way to offer employees endless options of healthy refreshments.

break rooms and your businesses bottom line | Phoenix Vending | Camelback Vending

Break room benefits reduce turnover. 

Today’s employees are looking for more than just a job. They are looking for a company that values them and provides employees benefits. Statistics show that employers who offer benefits are more likely to find quality candidates. They are also more likely to keep quality employees on staff and reduce employee turnover. Break rooms are an easy and affordable benefit to offer to your employees. They provide nourishment, a place for employees to rest, and a place for employees to connect and collaborate. It’s a benefit that’s a win-win!

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