How Can Office Candy Improve Your Phoenix Workplace Culture?

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How Can Office Candy Improve Your Phoenix Workplace Culture?

Did you know that keeping office candy on your desk can be a great perk? People can stop by your office for a quick chat and grab a handful of candy. Chatting over candy makes for a friendly, positive environment. Office candy can bring so many benefits to your Phoenix organization. From improved office culture and staff morale, candy is a great bonus. Here are just a few reasons to bring it to your organization:

Four Benefits of Office Candy

A cheerful dish of candy can brighten up your office! No matter how you bring candy to the office, it brings many benefits. Here are just four:

1.  Improves Focus

Did you know that dark chocolate can improve your focus? This candy is full of flavonoids. Research shows it can improve blood flow to the brain. That means your concentration improves after eating it. Add a fresh cup of coffee from a beverage vending machine, and you’ll be amazed at how productive you are.

Other candies can also help improve focus. The sugar in candy achieves this outcome. In particular, peppermints and gum are great for boosting focus.

2.  Boosts Socialization

Taking a break during the day provides an opportunity to socialize with coworkers. A sweet treat from your Phoenix office pantry is the perfect excuse! Socializing breaks down barriers and opens up personal conversations. The candy itself can also foster discussions. Play a game in which everyone grabs a handful of colored candy. Then, have everyone answer a question based on the color of the candy they’re about to eat.

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For example:

  • Red: Name your favorite book
  • Blue: Where did you grow up?
  • Green: What series are you watching on TV?
  • Yellow: Which do you prefer, a beach or mountain vacation?

A team that knows and appreciates each other can achieve more. So, bring on the office candy!

3.  Fosters Collaboration

Working on a last-minute project can feel overwhelming. Eliminate the stress with candy! Nothing beats sharing a bag of gummy bears to set the tone and keep collaboration positive and fresh. Employee engagement will rise when you make candy available. Give your Phoenix team access to candy with snack vending machines. Or, set up complimentary bowls of candy with an office pantry!

4.  Enhances Culture

Having candy throughout your Phoenix building improves workplace culture. Nothing cheers up staff quite as much as sweets. Candy improves moods and lifts spirits. Plus, no one wants a rumbling stomach to interfere with work. On-site refreshments, beverages, and snacks keep staff members content. An effective employee is one who isn’t distracted by hunger.

Practical Ways to Bring Office Candy to Your Organization

It’s easy to bring candy into your building! Work with us to determine the best candy and refreshment service for your Phoenix workplace. Whether you’d prefer a micro-market, office pantry, or vending machines, we can make it happen. Camelback Vending Services makes your life easier with convenient ordering, remote inventory, and great customer service.

Elevate your break room and office with everyone’s favorite candy today! Contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!