How to Create a Custom Phoenix Break Room

How to Create a Custom Phoenix Break Room

Creating a custom break room in Phoenix is a fantastic way to boost company culture and encourage company values visually. The best part is creating custom break rooms is easier than you think. Let’s chat about why businesses are creating custom break rooms and things to think about when creating your custom break room.

The Why

Custom break rooms in Phoenix are easy to create. It’s as simple as you sending us a logo and ideas. From there, we’ll make the signage, design, layout, and handle the installation.

They do wonders for brand culture and company values. Signage throughout your break room displaying your brand logo and companies mottos only encourages workplace culture. As Chandler offices returned from working from home due to COVID-19, they realized company culture struggled. And, this is one way they’ve been successfully turning that around.

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Custom break rooms in Phoenix feel like an out-of-office experience. If your break room looks like a fun and unique place, your Phoenix employees will likely want to spend time there. This will encourage them to take breaks and nourish their bodies with healthy food and snacks, which will create more productive employees. And this will also encourage employees to foster relationships with other employees, which will also boost company culture.

The How

To create a custom break room in Phoenix, we’ll need to know what you want to offer. Do you want a micro-market, pantry, or Phoenix office coffee service? Do you want to stock it with only healthy items, or do you want it stocked with half healthy and half unhealthy items? This is an excellent time to think about your staff, their lifestyle, and the food choices they make daily. That will help you determine what you should stock your break room with.

You also need to think about the space of your break room and how you want to prioritize that space. While we can create a break room in Chandler in almost any size space, you’ll have to remember that space is a significant determining factor. The space you have will determine the number of things you will be able to do in your break room, so if you have a smaller size break room, you’ll need to decide what the priorities are for your break room. For instance, if you want a large coffee bar set up and food is less important to your staff, we will create a cute coffee bar with attractive signage and stock a smaller cooler with refreshment options.

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