Camelback Vending Introduces Camelback Café

Micro-Market Breakroom in Phoenix

Camelback Vending Introduces Camelback Café

Camelback Vending prides itself on being an industry leader in the Phoenix vending market. Being an industry leader means staying ahead of trends. Long gone are the days of vending machines with stale and limited options! Today it’s all about fresh, healthy, and variety in the break room refreshment world. Thus, the birth of Camelback Café.

It’s a step beyond traditional vending – the Café is trendy, efficient, fresh, and exciting! Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Camelback Café in Phoenix.

Fun and Hip Drinks

When you install a Café into your Phoenix breakroom, your drink options are going to be extensive, unique, and fun! Think kombucha, cold brew nitro coffee, and your favorite sparkling water. You won’t get your average coffee machine with the Café. Camelback is one of only three authorized Starbucks® Serenade Coffee vendors and suppliers in Phoenix, Arizona. So, your employees will never have to leave the building for their coffee fix. 

Healthy Choices

Supporting your employee’s healthy lifestyle choices is key to improving your workplace culture! That’s why, when you select Camelback Café, we go the extra mile when it comes to stocking your break room with fresh and healthy options. We’re going beyond your average fresh fruits and veggie options. Your breakroom will have a large variety of nutritious and healthy alternatives for those employees who are choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Self Check-Out Camelback Cafe Phoenix

Camelback Vending has always made it a priority to invest in the latest vending technology.When you select Camelback Café, you can expect that your phoenix employees will have quick and easy access to payment kiosks. Your employees will also love our mobile payment options. We accept everything from credit and debit cards to mobile options, such as Apple Pay® and Google Pay!

We have also installed management technology that allows us to stay in front of anything your Phoenix area breakroom may need. Often, we’ll fix an issue or fill an empty shelf before you even notice it. 

Trendy Options

Staying up to date on food trends is our job! We’ve even got tacos for Taco Tuesday and cereal bars for the cereal lovers in your office. Yup, you read that right! We’ve designed cereal bars for our clients and provided tacos as a micro-market option. If it’s trendy and your Phoenix employees are into it, we want to deliver it.

Personalized Customer Service 

When you install a Camelback Café into your breakroom, you’ll receive the highest level of customer service because customer service has always been a priority to us. We do not have an automated 1-800 number, so when you need help, you will have direct access to our owner or operations manager at any time!

Camelback Café is available to qualified companies across the metro Phoenix market for their office coffee service, micro-market, and pantry services. For more information about installing a Café into your Phoenix break room, please contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.