Introduction to Micro Market Vending


Introduction to Micro Market Vending

What Is A Micro Market?

Micro market vending are small, self-contained stores in locations that don’t have employees directly monitoring it. The freestanding storage space has shelves to hold products and a checkout system nearby. There is no machine that vends the product, but the system works like a vending machine. Micro market vending is a more honor-based system and needs to be in a secure location. There are new technologies like pressure sensitive shelves that record when something is taken off, but overall, you rely on customer honesty.

Customer Benefits

If you have not had micro market vending before, there are many benefits for people to consider when thinking through whether or not to place one at a certain location in your business.

Micro Market Vending Is Convenient

Micro market vending areas don’t have to have employees working at them because they are smaller than a regular store. They can be set up in locations where customers wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase these types of goods, like in an office complex or airport. Since the system doesn’t require a machine to actually give the items out, consumers can quickly and easily get what they want. There won’t be any calls to the vending machines for stuck items or dollar refusal.

Micro Market Vending Gives Variety

This system also allows consumers to get more than just food and beverages. Those items can be included, of course, but there could also be travel gear, electronics, sunglasses, and anything else you want to place on the shelves.

Micro Market Vending Is Entertaining

Using the system is a novel experience that most people don’t do on a regular basis. That may cause people to use the micro market vending area or to return to get similar goods just because it’s fun.

Vendor Benefits

There are a variety of benefits that vendors experience as well when it comes to micro market vending. The system needs to benefit both sides in order to be useful.

Micro Market Vending Allows More Market Areas

Not everyone likes vending machines, but micro markets are user-friendly, versatile, and simple. They open opportunities for more locations and give you a larger variety of products.

Micro Market Vending Gives Higher Profits

You might have a higher overhead to start out, but since you can provide so many different products, you’ll have a larger target and less product waste. The goods may have a higher price point as well, which translates into higher profits.

Placing Micro Market Vending

You will usually want to place a micro market in a secure area such as within a workplace in order to ensure things won’t be stolen. When you are ready to move forward with micro market vending, contact Camelback Vending and we can work with you to make a positive difference in your space. With our state of the art vending services and your stellar location, we can create a positive, profitable micro market vending area in no time by supporting your vision.