Kombucha Adds Flavor to Phoenix Break Rooms

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Kombucha Adds Flavor to Phoenix Break Rooms

Looking for ways to jazz up your Phoenix break room solutions? If so, Kombucha is right up your alley! This fizzy tea drink has been around for 2,000 years. It is nutritious and delicious. Plus, it comes in a variety of flavors. Thus, everyone can find their favorite!

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha, or mushroom tea, is a fermented drink containing green tea and honey. It also has a culture of yeast and bacteria. But don’t let that put you off! This trendy tea is brimming with flavor and packed with probiotics. Thus, adding it to your diet improves your health.

Camelback Vending is proud to carry Wild Tonic Kombucha. This tea is made right here in Arizona. Consider adding Wild Tonic to your Phoenix refreshment services. It’s guaranteed to please!

What’s In Wild Tonic Kombucha?

Wild Tonic Kombucha supports corporate wellness. It is made from organically-grown herbs and spices. It also contains USDA Certified organic fruit. Furthermore, it uses honey instead of sugar. Thus, it’s a natural energy booster.

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There are plenty of flavors to choose from. For instance, sip semi-sweet Blueberry Basil. Want more tartness? Grab some Raspberry Goji Rose. Don’t forget to try Mango Ginger and Blackberry Mint!

Treat Your Team to Healthy Options

Workplace wellness is essential. Healthy employees improve company culture and productivity. Employees who feel their best perform better. Additionally, health initiatives boost morale and engagement. You can reduce sick leave and increase retention!

Looking for an easy way to keep employees healthy? Offer Wild Tonic in your Phoenix micro-market or office pantry. Employees can enjoy this tasty tea with their salad or sandwich. Kombucha and fresh foods are the ultimate dynamic duo!

Enjoy Health Benefits

Kombucha has many health benefits. Firstly, you can skip the sugar. Wild Tonic is made with honey. This helps employees manage their weight.

Secondly, Kombucha contains antioxidants. This supports heart health. Antioxidants also protect your cells against free radicals. Thus, it reduces your risk of cancer. Lastly, this tea makes it easy for employees to stay healthy. The tempting flavors are hard to resist! Employees can enjoy it all day long!

Upgrade Your Refreshment Services with Kombucha

To conclude, this drink keeps employees healthy. It also pleases every palate. Want to offer Wild Tonic Kombucha in your break room? If so, contact Camelback Vending today!

To learn more, call (602) 278-5330. We also offer pantry service, office coffee, and vending solutions.