Make Healthy Choices From Vending Machines In 2018


Make Healthy Choices From Vending Machines In 2018

Vending Machines Can Support Your 2018 Fitness Goals

For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a great opportunity to start pursuing some brand new health and fitness goals. It’s fairly easy to stay motivated the first week or two of the new year, but eventually, many of us will slip into our old routines. You might be use to heading to the vending machine for a quick afternoon snack, so why not simply switch your snack item over to something that follows your diet plan? All it takes is a moment to look a little closer at the offerings and find something to help you stay on track. Here are a few suggestions for vending items that fit into some popular diet plans.

Suggestions From Vending Machines For A Low Fat Diet

If you have decided to limit your fat intake, fruit is a great option to snack on. Vending machines can carry a variety of choices, including both dried or fresh fruits. Keep an eye out for fresh fruit cups like peaches or tropical fruit, and dried options like banana chips, apple chips, or dried pears. If you’re craving something more savory or crunchy, grab a bag of pretzels, low-fat crackers, or some light popcorn. Another great salty option for a low-fat diet is lean jerky, like beef, chicken, or turkey.

Snacks To Count On If You’re Counting Calories

A good rule of thumb to stick to when deciding on a snack from the vending machine that’s also low in calories is to look for the word “baked.” Many of the most popular flavors of chips, for example, are also available in a baked variety and come in as low as 110 calories per serving. Enjoy some of your favorites like traditional and flavored potato chips, Cheetos, and Doritos, all in baked form. Another item that can make life easier for calorie counters are the “100 Calorie Packs.” With options like peanut butter cookies or chocolate cookie sandwiches, they can really help satisfy a sweet tooth too.

Cut Down Your Carb Intake With These Snack Choices

One of the great things about modern vending solutions is that a lot of them also offer refrigerated options. It’s here that you will find some of the best snacks for a low carb diet. Cheese sticks are always a satisfying choice, and maybe a beef stick or piece of jerky to go along with it. Some vending machines will offer hard boiled eggs that pack an awesome protein punch and will keep you fuller, longer. Nuts and seeds are also great low carb snacks and can be found in most vending machines.

Let Your Snacking Set You Up For Success

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing their New Year’s resolution is not making a proper plan to accomplish their goal. The easier you can make choosing the best snacks for your individual diet, the more likely you are to stick with the plan and then end up seeing results you will be proud of. Learn more about the industry standards for smart snacking choices, and let the professionals here at Camelback Vending Services help set up vending that will keep you healthy and happy.