Micro-Market Service in Phoenix – a Safer Way to Feed Your Employees

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Micro-Market Service in Phoenix – a Safer Way to Feed Your Employees

As you make plans to welcome your employees back into the office, you’ve also got to figure out how to reopen the break room safely. You have to feed your employees, but how? While that seems like a complicated answer, it’s really not. Micro-Markets have risen to the occasion and provided many Phoenix businesses safe access to food and beverages.

Let’s dive into the reasons Micro-Market Service in Phoenix is a safer way to feed your employees.

Touchless = safety!

micro-market service in PhoenixOur Micro-Market Service in Phoenix is outfitted with a self-service payment kiosk. Once your employees download the 365 Pay app, they can immediately begin making purchases from their phones. This eliminates the need to come into contact with the germs that are on cash and the machine. Through this app, they are also able to keep track of their balances. Reducing the need for your HR or office manager to have to manage their accounts.


Our Phoenix Micro-Markets are an open-air design that naturally allows for distancing – perfect for any social distancing rules your office may be following. Our coolers are the same size as any typical vending machine in Phoenix but can be stocked with endless variations of fresh and healthy snacks, meals, and beverages. So, whether you have a lot of space or minimal space, we can easily customize and create a Micro-Market in your office.

Fresh and healthy.

With the onset of COVID-19, many people have taken inventory of their lifestyles and lifestyle choices. Because of this, more people are now seeking ways to supplement their health with their food choices. As employees return to work, they will be looking for these healthy options in the break room. Making a well-stocked Micro-Market the perfect solution for their new healthy requests.

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Open around the clock.

Long gone are the days of vending machines being the only option for businesses with employees working around the clock. Micro-Market Service gives you the freedom and flexibility of being open 24/7. But, it still allows you to offer all of the healthy and fresh snacks, beverages, and meals your employees love.

Reassures employees you care.

In today’s world, employees are already feeling uneasy. But, returning to work can bring a whole different level of uneasiness and uncertainty.  Your employees will appreciate having coffee, snacks, meals, and other beverages on-site. Not having to leave the office coupled with an airy break room stocked with their favorite healthy options will go a long way in easing your employee’s worries. This will also show your employees that you care about their total well-being. In turn, creating a safe and happy working environment.

For more information about a Micro-Market Service in Phoenix, please contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.