Micro-Market Technology Improves Break Rooms

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Micro-Market Technology Improves Break Rooms

Improving your experience in the break room is always a priority for us. Sometimes that means investing in ways to run our warehouse more efficiently. Other times that means affecting your experience in the break room. Either way, we’re not afraid to invest in micro-market technology that improves your Phoenix break room. Let’s see how this technology impacts your break room.

Touchless payments

One of the most important ways micro-market technology impacts the break room is by creating a touchless experience. The world changed in 2020. People became wary about coming into contact with unwanted germs. We knew, early on, that touchless technology was going forever to be a part of the Chandler break room experience. So, we continued to roll out more touchless technology. We’re proud to say that all of our Phoenix break rooms are touchless today.

Remote monitoring micro-market technology

Remote monitoring technology changes the way we service your break room. It allows us to always have an eye on your Phoenix break room without having to be there. We can see things like low stock, popular selling refreshments, what items are not selling, and so much more. We are altered when your equipment is malfunctioning. Which allows us to respond and solve the problem quickly.

Customer service

Customer service is incredibly important to us here at Camelback Vending. We like to address and solve issues in our break rooms immediately. That’s why we use a mobile request platform that lets the end-user quickly and easily contact us whenever they are having issues in the break room. Phoenix employees can even contact us through this platform to submit product requests they’d like to see in the future.

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Unlike vending machines, most Chandler micro-markets are equipped with payment kiosks with beautiful screens, which allows us and the employer to control what’s displayed completely. For example, if there’s a company-wide message, it can be displayed on the checkout screen. Or if there’s a new product or sale we’d like to alert your employees about, we can easily display it.

Want to learn more about how micro-markets? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you!