Phoenix area Area and The Valley Micro-Markets

Custom look

Give the break room an update with the sophisticated technology and designer styling of a

Self-serve kiosk Phoenix area Area and The Valley

Trendy edibles

Micro-Markets offer more space for today’s must-have fresh food, top-selling drinks, and popular snacks.

Micro-markets in Phoenix area Area and The Valley

Advanced systems

Make a purchase in your Phoenix break room any time with the Micro-Market’s secure
self-checkout kiosk.

Employee retention in Phoenix area and The Valley

Employee retention

Retain and attract quality employees by offering refreshments and a break room they’ll love.

TOP 10 Micro-Market operator in the U.S.

Proven commitment to excellence in the refreshment industry

This recognition highlights our unique ability to adjust to our client’s needs in any circumstances.

Give work culture a boost

Micro-Markets can transform a Phoenix area workplace. Employees love the high-end feel of these solutions as well as having access to convenient refreshment all day. Micro-Markets are even more of a boost when the company subsidizes products. Employers can pay a portion or the full product cost to encourage staying onsite for breaks, healthier eating habits at work, or to say “Thank You” to staff.

Your Phoenix Micro-Market service
supported with enhanced technology

Quick payments

Pay at the kiosk with your phone or just use the mobile app to scan and pay for fast and secure checkout.

Open 24/7

Micro-Markets give daily access to fresh food, snacks, and drinks for every shift at your Phoenix area location.

Smart inventory

Product sales and reordering are automatic in the Micro-Market through the internet-connected kiosk.

Built-in security

Cameras capture your Phoenix Micro-Market 24 hours a day, and the kiosk comes with the latest data encryption protocols.

Micro-markets in Phoenix area Area and The Valley

Professional break room solutions for Phoenix area

From expert customization of products to leading Micro-Market design capabilities, Camelback Vending brings you the best break rooms.

Enjoy a better break room with Micro-Market service in Phoenix area from Camelback Vending at 602-278-5330.

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