Imagine a Phoenix break room that is designed and tailored to meet your individual needs.

Camelback Vending can customize your Phoenix micro-market to fit your business’s specific needs, allowing your company culture to shine!

Customization is
Our Business

Anything in your Phoenix micro-market can be customized to fit your companies needs.

Food selection

You can choose to stock your micro-market full of healthy and nutritious meals or quick and easy snacks. The options are endless.

Drink choice

Whether you’re looking for a craft coffee service or a vending machine stocked full of your employee’s favorite energy drink -we’ll keep your employees hydrated.


We work with a local Phoenix cabinet manufacturer to design and build each micro-market. So you can rest assured that whatever space you have, we can utilize it to create a beautiful break room.

Stocking your Phoenix micro-market with your employee’s favorites will improve your Phoenix office!


Office Morale


Employer Appreciation



See What’s Possible in Phoenix!

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