The latest technology seamlessly integrates into Phoenix Micro-Markets and provides real-world solutions
for employers.

Phoenix businesses
love our

Mobile payments reduce unnecessary contact in your Phoenix Micro-Market

Updated technology means your employee’s payments are safe and secure

Mobile payments make your Micro-Market accessible to employees 24/7

Our upgraded technology enhances your
Phoenix Micro-Market in so many other ways.

  • Video Surveillance

    Micro-Markets monitored with state of the art video surveillance 24/7. Rest assured that your break room is secure and safe.

  • Inventory Tracking

    Wireless monitoring technology gives real-time data on your Micro-Market stock levels. So, your break room is always stocked.

  • Equipment Monitoring

    Through the technology in your break room, we will be notified of any issues immediately. Ensuring fully functioning equipment.

Upgrade your break room with technology to make your life easier!