4 Reasons You Need Our Office Coffee Service in Your Breakroom

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4 Reasons You Need Our Office Coffee Service in Your Breakroom

Have you ever wondered how you could provide an excellent workplace environment, retain your key employees, boost company morale, and have employees that are buzzing with energy? Coffee is the only answer! Coffee is King, and with Camelback Vending on your team, you’ll be providing a place people want to work, and you’ll have employees who are productive and happy. Let’s find out how our office coffee service can do all that for your business.

Improve Company Morale

When you install our office coffee service in your Phoenix break room, you’ll immediately increase your company morale. For starters, your employees will feel appreciated. They’ll notice that you made the upgrade and paid attention to what their needs and wants are. You’ll also position yourself as a top Phoenix business by providing a workplace culture people are looking for. And, those key employees you hope you’ll never lose – this will help secure them and increase your employee retention rate! 

You’ll also allow your employees to build community through conversation in the breakroom. A break room that’s visited more often creates more of an opportunity for your employees to break down previous barriers and begin to strengthen their workplace relationships – creating teams that truly embody teamwork. 

Keep Your Employees in the Office 

We’ve all seen it a million times over. Your employee calls to inform you that they’ll be 10 minutes late. The same employee walks in with Starbucks® Coffee. *insert eye roll* We don’t love when this happens, but if we’re honest, we’ve all had days like this! Some days you NEED good coffee.

But, when you incorporate our office coffee service, you avoid this altogether. We offer on-trend and decadent coffee to all our local Phoenix breakrooms. Your employees will be able to go right down the hall to the breakroom and make all of their coffee dreams come true!

We are 1 of 3 Authorized Distributors of the Starbucks® Serenade

Phoenix Office Coffee ServiceThis one might be the biggest reason you need our office coffee service in your breakroom. The Starbucks® Serenade is an innovative single-cup brewer that’s beautifully designed and full of fantastic technology. It offers three whole bean hoppers, so your employees are going to love that they can choose from three different varieties of Starbucks® coffee. There’s even an option for additional beverages like hot chocolate or the TAZO® Chai Latte. 

The Starbucks® Serenade also guarantees freshness. Fresh means each cup of coffee is flavorful, aromatic, and has a deep coffee taste. No more, old, and stale coffee that’s been sitting around the breakroom for who knows how long. Every time one of your employees wants a cup of coffee; The Serenade will freshly brew an individual cup for them.  

Increased Energy 

Maybe there’s a new parent in the office burning the candle at both ends. Or there’s a stressed-out executive who’s doing their best to meet all the deadlines. Or there’s a new employee just trying to stay afloat. Whatever the reason is, you have to face the fact that we live in a go, go, go society. So, there’s probably a million and one reasons your employees might be tired. What are you doing to help them with their lack of energy? 

Coffee is an all-natural solution that will provide the energy your employees need. Studies also show that coffee can improve your employees’ moods. And, it has high levels of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, making it a healthy energy option for your employees. Providing your Phoenix employees with a healthy solution will make them feel appreciated and lead to an incredible workplace environment. 

Give your employees what they deserve –  a happy and productive break room that has our office coffee service! For more information about upgrading your current office coffee service, please fill out this FORM or call Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330.