Office Coffee Service for Returning Chandler Businesses

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Office Coffee Service for Returning Chandler Businesses

We’re eager and excited for the workplace to return to normal in the coming weeks. We’re looking forward to serving you, your employees, and your break rooms. As we shift back into this new mode of life, your employees are going to be looking for something to keep them going! Office coffee service is the perfect solution for them. Our office coffee service is safe, clean, and reliable! Here’s what you can expect from our office coffee service as you return back to work. 


Frequently Cleaned Equipment 

We have always made it a priority to be diligent in our cleaning and sanitizing efforts, and you can expect that to continue. We’re are also making sure that our cleaning and sanitizing efforts stay up to date with the CDC  guidelines.

We typically restock Chandler break rooms daily so you can expect that all of your coffee equipment and surrounding areas will be cleaned and sanitized daily. 

Vast Options to Suit Your Changing Needs 

We offer everything from café quality specialty drinks to traditional coffee brewing systems for your break room and office. However, uncertain times call for changes, and we’re okay with that. We know you’re still trying to figure this all out -we will work with your company, and it’s changing needs. If you need traditional coffee brewers now and then need to switch to single-cup equipment later, we’re happy to adjust with your changing needs.

No Hassle 

We believe that your Chandler break room should be the least of your worries. So, we work very hard to make the installation and service process seamless! We use a mix of technology and well-trained staff to regularly monitor your office coffee equipment to ensure uninterrupted use. If there’s an issue, our technicians will fix it – often before you’re even aware of the problem. In that same way, we make sure that your coffee and coffee products are always well-stocked and ready for use!

Office Coffee Service PhoenixWe’re a One-Stop-Shop 

We’re happy to provide anything you may need to accompany your Chandler coffee service. Whether that be creamer, syrups, napkins, cups, cutlery, or stir sticks – we can provide it. We can even supply the hand sanitizer needed to ease your employees as they use the coffee equipment as well. We’re also happy to provide a water filtration system to make sure that your employees are enjoying clean and fresh water while enjoying their coffee.

Bonus: Reduces Unnecessary Contact 

As we transition back into work, it is still going to be important to be mindful of contact and social distance. Providing your Chandler employees with a break room that offers coffee allows your employees to stay on-site. In turn, reducing the amount of unnecessary contact they have to have with others.

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For more information about office coffee service, please contact Camelback Vending Services at 602-278-5330 or fill out a contact form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you.