An Owner’s Guide To Vending Machine Repair


An Owner’s Guide To Vending Machine Repair

Simple Vending Machine Repair Items Anyone Can Do

When you have a vending machine in your place of business, you want it to work well. When it goes on the fritz, it can be an inconvenience for you and anyone else that wants to use it. Instead of wasting time and money on professional repairs, there are some vending machine repair needs that you can do on your own. Many things that will go wrong with a vending machine can easily be rectified. Here are a few things you might want to look into or try before you call the pros.

Check The Power To Ensure Operation

It sounds obvious, but it is easy enough to overlook. If your vending machine doesn’t seem to be working, keep in mind that most machines have coin mechanisms, dollar bill slots, and a control board. All of those things take power to operate. If your machine goes unplugged or a circuit got tripped, there might not be power going to the machine. Or, the connections might be loose from hard use over time. Check these items before moving on to see what else could be wrong.

Clean The Money Paths For Easy Clearance

All coins and bills are dirty and the path they take into the machine will get filthy after enough time goes by. Use a damp cloth or paper towel to clean that path on a regular basis. You can take the top part of the coin mechanism out and make sure it is clear. Things might get stuck or rejected if you don’t clean them. Whenever you replenish the coins or bills, go ahead and clean the path as well.

Prime The Selections To Ensure They Are Ready

In many vending machines, you will have beverages or snacks that drop down when selected. If they do not drop down, they may not be properly primed. You can test the selection out by taking off the motor cover and pressing each motor switch in turn. This ignites the vending process so you can see if there is something wrong with a particular motor or the machine itself.

Keep Things On The Level During Vending Machine Repair

Another simple thing you can check is whether or not the machine is level. An unlevel machine can throw off the whole vending process and items may not drop down right. The machine might not give the proper change and things might get stuck. Leveling the vending machine can solve a number of issues.

Understand When Repairs Are Beyond You

If you have tried a few things and nothing seems to be working, it’s okay to admit defeat and call for help. The professionals at Camelback Vending are here to service your machines with vending machine repair. While most repairs are simple, some might be beyond your understanding or abilities. When that time arises, take a step back from the issue and let the professionals take a look so you can have your vending machine back in working order faster.