Phoenix Break Rooms Help Employee Retention

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Phoenix Break Rooms Help Employee Retention

There’s no denying that the job market has changed. It’s incredibly challenging to find quality employees and even harder to retain them. The good news is businesses are changing this narrative by offering affordable benefits, like Phoenix break rooms. Let’s dive in and see how these break rooms help with employee retention.

An Affordable Benefit

Most businesses want to offer more benefits. However, the problem that most businesses face is that benefits tend to be expensive. So, how do you offer benefits without breaking the bank? Micro-markets! Phoenix micro-markets are open-air markets that offer quick access to hundreds of food, snacks, and beverage options. They are open around the clock so they are convenient for all employees, working any shift. The best part about micro-markets is that they are employee-paid- employees manage and refill their own accounts.

Looking to subsidize your employee’s micro-market account? You can do that too. It’s still a budget-friendly option because you can select how much you offer to your employees. There are no set amounts.  If you’d like to offer more than an employee-paid micro-market, try our Phoenix Pantry Service. A pantry is similar to the micro-market, except it is employer-paid and because of that, the refreshments are displayed in a different way. And, the business is then charged for what’s used.

Generates Employer Appreciation

A Phoenix break room stocked with healthy refreshments can really impact employees and a business. For starters, having quick access to healthy food, snack vending machines, and beverages encourages employees to make healthy choices. In turn, this will create healthy employees. Secondly, offering a break room benefit to your employees will develop employee appreciation. Offering these benefits that employees want shows that you care about them as a person. When they know that you care, they will begin to appreciate you, and employer appreciation has a direct correlation to employee retention.

Encourage Breaks

Did you know that employees who are encouraged to take more breaks experience more workplace satisfaction? They do! Employees who take frequent breaks are oftentimes more productive and creative because they are refreshed instead of worn out. So, how do you encourage breaks? You can start by providing a place for employees to take breaks. A Phoenix break room filled with office coffee service in Phoenix does wonder for encouraging employee breaks. Employees can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee alone or with their co-workers. Or they can use the break room as a place to relax or enjoy a meal. Either way, it’s a great way to encourage breaks and defeat employee burnout!

Bonus: They can also use this space as a place for collaborating with other employees on projects.

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